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  1. Sherlin

    Vengeance Hunters (Beat 'em Up) for the Neo Geo

    I love that he said people were offended by the way he held a damn controller. I have a few things for those people….
  2. Sherlin

    Cyborg Force, new 2023 project

    Don’t worry Kernow. You’re invited over.
  3. Sherlin

    Cyborg Force, new 2023 project

    Just pre ordered JP AES Limited Collector Edition. Looking forward to this!
  4. Sherlin

    Scammer Alert

    *** SCAM ALERT*** Sofien Lotus aka Madi Belinda aka Madi Sofian Belid aka Marc Winteber aka Shiho Nakama Has scammed thousands from facebook neo group users. Uses Malta and France shipping addresses. These are his PayPal addresses.
  5. Sherlin

    All MVS moved offsite, sold prices left up.

    I vouch for this seller. He has the cleanest most vetted items you could find.
  6. Sherlin

    How Many Prints/Versions of Slug 3?

    I know my Slug 3 is a JP 1st version. It came from the Neo Store. It has the yellow warning sticker on the cart, the TEL area in the manual, etc. How many different prints or versions were there?
  7. Sherlin

    WTB: Savage Reign, KOF 96, SVC homecarts

    Looking for the following complete homecarts in primo condition. No conversions. Metal Slug 3 (1st v.) *Edit - BOUGHT Savage Reign KOF 96 JP SVC Chaos (US only) Matrimelee Cyber Lip (US)
  8. Sherlin

    Record collecting

  9. Sherlin


    My newest addition. ORIENT Neo 70s Panda
  10. Sherlin

    Firearm enthusiast thread

    COVID-19 Behavioral Enforcer My newest COVID-19 Behavioral Enforcer
  11. Sherlin


    TAG Heuer Carrera Calibre 5
  12. Sherlin

    WiiU - We all hate the name and here is a parody

    My son (Agent_Cooper154) made this. I just love that kid WiiBu
  13. Sherlin

    PS3 Won't stay on

    Well, I paid $100 to have it repaired a couple years ago. It's turning off constantly now. After only seconds of being powered on. They told me it's probably happen again. It's an original release 60GB with Emotion Engine, but I've upgraded the HDD In the past. Is it salvageable?
  14. Sherlin

    Guilty gaming pleasures

    It's fun as hell. Fuck You.
  15. Sherlin

    New "Retro VGS" 2D Cartridge-based console they are touting themselves as the Great White Saviors of Video Gaming at the Expense of Sony and Microsoft Article Being Referenced
  16. Sherlin

    Aces of Luftwaffe....and....Astebreed PS4

    I've been playing Aces of Luftwaffe on PS4 and really enjoy it. It's pretty difficult after the first mission. Anyone else played this? And it's only $4! I'm thinking about dropping $20 on Astebreed. Anyone played that one yet? I think it's PC and PS4.
  17. Sherlin

    Elemental Gimmick Gear

    This game looks pretty damn awesome. Anyone ever play it? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  18. Sherlin

    Dan Hibiki

  19. Sherlin

    Dan Hibiki

    I hope to God that Dan is in Street Fighter V. What would make it even more awesome is if they made him 8 or 16 bit. Just really flame on him. ....and then I'd dedicate my life to perfecting his enormous handicap and use him to kick all of Capcom's ass.
  20. Sherlin

    Manfred Trenz

    What ever happened to this guy? He was supposed to be creating Turrican 4 on PS4 as of a few years ago. I can't find anything recent on him. I sincerely hope that he hasn't retired.