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  1. sparksterz

    FS: Omega CMVS, Accessories, Common Titles

    Selling off my Omega CMVS which I've owned for a decade. It has a Unibios 3.1, no built in VMC, but does have the upgraded A/V board and Genesis 2 SCART. I also saved the original A/V board and RGB SCART because I'm a pack rat. I've got 2 Neo Geo CD pads. One works well, the other has a touchy...
  2. sparksterz

    FS: Magician Lord + Crossed Swords 2 MVS

    I picked up both of these on the forum a couple years back, but having played them a good amount when I got them, they're not really titles that I go back to. Magician Lord (repro label) $125 + shipping Crossed Swords 2 (converted NG CD release) $115 + shipping...
  3. sparksterz

    FS: PSVR Setup+ 3 sealed games

    Looking to sell my PSVR. I enjoyed it, but didn't play it enough to warrant keeping it now that my newborn is here. All things needed including 2 move controllers (battery life isn't the greatest) and has pre-installed rubberized glasses bumpers to ensure no scratching of the lens. For the...
  4. sparksterz

    NEOSD PRO - The New Terranonion Neo Geo Product March 2018.

    Nope...need MVS, but that's ok, I don't exactly have > $600 to throw at a flash cart right now either. At least now I have a target to aim for and will be ready when they're available.
  5. sparksterz

    Post Your Recent Purchases!

    Found an Outrun machine for $500, couldn't turn it down. but holy crap was it heavy!
  6. sparksterz

    NEOSD PRO - The New Terranonion Neo Geo Product March 2018.

    lol love the lego comparison. Solid video. I'd love to get one - I fear the pricing though >.> we'll see!
  7. sparksterz

    NEOSD PRO - The New Terranonion Neo Geo Product March 2018.

    Well, good news...I was still having issues saving up the $500 USD to buy the regular Neo SD. Guess while I'm saving, I'll have to decide if it's worth saving a little more now! Looking forward to Todd's review!
  8. sparksterz

    Show dem pumpkins neo hyphen geo

    A bit late, but I'm one for simplicity...also because I'm not horribly artistic!
  9. sparksterz

    FOUND: Darius Burst CS PS4 English Release

    Hey guys, I'm a bum and missed getting one of these. If anyone got a spare when they bought theirs, I'd be willing to buy it off of you. Preferably the standard edition. Edit: Found one, thanks!
  10. sparksterz

    CLOSED Raffle: Mostly NOS Blast City Speakers. Winner: Westcb!

    Hey guys, I picked these up from Reclaimer back when he did a group buy of NOS speakers about a year and a half back. There is a slight rip in the foam around one of the cones from when I moved from my apartment to my house :/ Nothing large, but should be mentioned. There's a picture of the...
  11. sparksterz

    FS: Modular Supergun w/accessories

    I picked up a Supergun a while ago to make sure my Naomi setup would work in my Blast City. Since then I haven't used it in a while. It was made by "The Last Bandit". It's JAMMA with a CPS2 kick harness hooked up to it for additional button support. It can support multiple controller types...
  12. sparksterz

    Sega enthusiasts wanted

    I'm also a big Sega fan. Here's a couple of my kiosks. I have some other Sega things as well that I'll have to snag some pictures of too. I have a first release Genesis box (Altered Beast) which is complete though the corner is part torn :/ I've also got a boxed Sega CD model 1, 32X, and...
  13. sparksterz

    FS: Sega STV Multi Setup and Taito F3 PB3 Setup

    Need save up some money for vacation and these boards are collecting dust... - Prices do not include shipping, they will be calculated based on final packaged weight. - Paypal gift or add 4% for fees. - Items will be tested before shipping. STV Package - Was $300 now $280 Video...
  14. sparksterz

    FS/FT Upgraded Alienware Alpha i3 and Surface Pro 3 Type Cover

    Hey all, been dragging my feet on listing these for sale somewhere. Figured I'd list it here first as I'm always interested in trading for some Neo Geo stuff. First the Alienware Alpha looking for $350 shipped CONUS if you're not in the CONUS I can be flexible on fair cost shipped. It's the...
  15. sparksterz

    RetroVGS + Coleco = Chameleon?! I have a hard time believing what I just read...but it seems that someone thought it was worth the money even with the paper motherboards!
  16. sparksterz

    Where to find quality male to male SCART cables in NA?!

    This has been killing me. I've got a cable I have to hook up from my Kenzei to my XRGB mini for my Dreamcast and I can't find a quality cable in the US to save my life. I've gone through a couple cables now and they're all shoddy workmanship, not properly shielded/grounded. I've not had to...
  17. sparksterz

    Post Your Recent Purchases!

    Today was a good day! Had to treat myself before the wedding, and this was only part 1! Part 2 is not arcade related sadly...I'd love another cab though!
  18. sparksterz

    motorcycle enthusiast thread.

    My ride Once this weather clears up in the north-east I'll be out on this guy: Though, I gotta say, I have been looking into the Polaris Slingshot a bit. I know it's basically blasphemy due to the car form factor rather than the motorcycle body, but I'll be damned if it doesn't look like a...