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  1. NebraskaDragon

    The all new 'What's it worth' thread

    1-slot conversion cab and a stack of carts Hey, guys. Long time no post. My plan was to browse the for sale thread to try and figure out what this stuff is worth, but it looks like for sale threads are only saved for a month? I'm sure things have changed in the 15+ years since I bought this...
  2. NebraskaDragon

    Samurai Shodown 2 hooks another!

    My family from Minnesota came down to visit over the holidays. This summer, after moving into my first house, I took the time to get my MVS cab running again. It had been giving me fits before sitting in storage for the last few years. My 15 year old brothers (who are much younger than me)...
  3. NebraskaDragon

    Need multiplayer game recommendations

    I work in a small call center, and some work friends and I have been playing DS between calls. Worms 2 and Advance Wars are great becasue you can do multiplayer on one cart (pass it around) and the game can also be paused. Do you guys know of any other good, single game, turn based multiplayer...
  4. NebraskaDragon

    Buttons working inconsistantly

    I recently moved. Pre-move, my 1-slot cab was working just fine. Now the joysticks and buttons aren't working reliably. The problem seems to get better the longer I play with it. Example: By round 3 on SamSho2 they are almost working right, but when I first start playing, barely anything works...
  5. NebraskaDragon

    Wanted: Resident Evil 2 for Gamecube

    Wanted: Resident Evil 2 for Gamecube.
  6. NebraskaDragon

    Sega Saturn Package-System, SF vs XMEN, Castlevania, SF Collection - SOLD

    Saturn Package is sold pending arrival of payment. I am selling my small Saturn collection. I have a system with 2 controllers, S-Video cable and action replay for saves and for playing imports. The three games are Japanese imports. They are Xmen vs Street Fighter, Street Fighter Collection...
  7. NebraskaDragon

    F God of War 2

    I'm 80% done with the game and the thing glitches and screws me. Damn it I'm not starting over.:very_ang:
  8. NebraskaDragon

    WANTED: 20gb PS3

    Title says it all. Looking for a used PS3 20gb, and an HD cable or second controller wouldn't hurt either. PM or email
  9. NebraskaDragon

    FS 1 Slot MVS conversion cab

    I have a 1 slot conversion cab (used to be an Atari game, don't know what) for sale in central Nebraska. Kearney to be exact. 19" monitor. I'd like $250 or trade for a used 20gb PS3. Everything works fine one it. I can get some pictures of it if there is any interest.
  10. NebraskaDragon

    FS: Huge N-Gage QD bundle with 17 games! Warhammer 40k included! [now on ebay]

    ebay N-Gage QD Wall charger Car charger Games: Warhammer 40,000: Glory In Death Splinter Cell Chaos Theory X-Men Legends Worms World Party Elder Scrolls: Shadowkey SSX Out of Bounds Tiger Woods 04 Pocket Kingdom Requiem of Hell Ashen Red Faction Ghost Recon: Jungle Storm Pathway to Glory...
  11. NebraskaDragon

    Finnicky xbox

    My xbox does not load games reliably anymore, and occasionally they freeze up in-game. My guess is the DVD drive. What I was wondering is if I switch the drive with a new $25 DVD drive would it possibly solve the problem, and if it would even be compatible with the Xbox? Any suggestions?
  12. NebraskaDragon

    Anyone play/ed the Marvel VS card game? I have a question...

    I bought some boosters on ebay because my brother-in-law is into this game. I had bought a couple boosters from a store right before this and the card ratio in the packs was 10 commons, 3 uncommons, and 1 rare. All 4 packs from the store had this same ratio. Now the 16 I got on ebay were really...
  13. NebraskaDragon

    Metal Gear Acid Appreciation Thread (Spoiler Free)

    I just finished this game a few minutes ago. I had a really good time with it! I never see people talking about it. It's all Ridge Racer, Wipeout and Lumines. It didn't get the greatest press, either. I haven't played Lumines yet, but Acid gets my vote for favorite PSP launch game. It has...
  14. NebraskaDragon

    TRADE: My PSP game for your PSP game-Round 2

    I have a like new only played a few times Ridge Racer. I would like to trade it for either Lumines or Untold Legends.
  15. NebraskaDragon

    TRADE: My PSP game for your PSP game

    I have a like new and only played once Darkstalkers that I would like to trade for any of the following PSP games, listed in order of preference: Untold Legends Twisted Metal Wipeout
  16. NebraskaDragon

    Rage of the Dragons already fixed?

    My Rage of the Dragons cart constantly restarts itself, so I opened it up to do the "fix". Well it turns out the "fix" had already been performed on this cart. Does this mean I am screwed?
  17. NebraskaDragon

    Magical Drop 3

    I finally got my MVS cab last week, and bought 4 games to get started off with. Samurai Shodown 2, KoF 96, Puzzle Bobble, and Magical Drop 3. What I am wanting to know is does it matter what character you pick? My wife and I have been playing MD3 quite a bit and we can't seem to figure out what...
  18. NebraskaDragon

    Bunch-O-Games For Sale

    I have several games that I have been meaning to ebay, but I have been lazy about it, and this is faster at the moment, so by all means have at! I take great care of my games, and you can ask other people who have bought from me if you don't believe me, or check my feedback on ebay (name...
  19. NebraskaDragon

    Stupid ebay

    There aren't and decent MVS cabs on ebay right now that don't break the bank to buy and then ship. Is there nowhere reliable in the US that sells cabs?
  20. NebraskaDragon

    WANTED: MVS cab

    Looking for an MVS cab in or very near to Nebraska. Number of slots doesn't matter, but probably just a 1-slot to keep the costs down :D -Nate