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  1. Formation Z

    PC Engine Duo-R CD laser went out...

    Before I go further trying to tackle this myself, does anyone know what brand of lens to replace it with? I found a HOP-M3 at Electronix Online, and I know they go in the black PCE/Turbo Duos, but I get mixed signals about if it fits in Duo-R's.
  2. Formation Z

    Your Favorite Cheapest Shmup Deaths

    We all have our infuriating moments when trying to 1cc or get a high score, everything seems to go downhill quickly. I started a poll.
  3. Formation Z

    Dragoon Might (Konami 2-D fighter from the mid 90's)

    Has anyone played this before? I just tried this out and kinda like it, didn't know about this until recently, not to mention for the past 10+ yearsI wondered if Konami actually made another 2-D fighter since that monstrosity "Martial Champion". It's a bit on the choppy side, it's six buttons...
  4. Formation Z

    Anyone know where I can get this in-game font?

    Lately I've been collecting in-game fonts. But so far I can't seem to find this particular one anywhere. It's the font that Capcom used in many of their games from the late 80's to the end of CPS2 production.
  5. Formation Z

    The One-Chip MSX System I got to get me one of those, and how much do MSX/MSX2 games usually go for? EDIT: A video of it being demonstrated at Tokyo Game Show 06
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    Random Movie Question

    It's about one of the minor characters in American Pie, it's that girl that was alone with Sean William Scott during that house party and he threw up on her, after she ran downstairs that was it, never seen for the rest of the movie. I was kinda wondering, who is she and has she been in anything...
  7. Formation Z

    R.I.P.: Paul "Principal Richard Vernon" Gleason Dang, the Principal from the The Breakfast Club will always be the funniest role played by him.
  8. Formation Z

    OK So YTMND has an alter-ego now......

    OK first we got "YTMND". Now we got "PTKFGS's". "PUNCH THE KEYS FOR GOD'S SAKE!!!" I've seen the movie several times. PTKFGS's are alternate versions of YTMND fads. First there was this..... Now this. Captain Jean...
  9. Formation Z

    Ninja Gaiden OVA on Youtube The movie's been chopped up in segments so you'll have to click thumbnails quite a bit.
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    If You Thought the US Megaman 1 Box Art Was Something.....

    That's some funny shit :tickled:
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    Really Burns Me Up Thinking About It Sometimes....

    *rant shield* When people make their own match videos and post them online and they're not among the best, instead of some helpful constructive criticism, why the fuck do people think they got the right to get all postal and straight up slam people that *could* be future good players over their...
  12. Formation Z

    Some PC Engine Videos I Made

    I know there are alot of gamers on Youtube that are getting sick of coming across Final Fantasy FMV music videos and anime music vids when they want to see some ACTION, so since I recently got the camcorder back, I thought I'd spread some PC Engine goodness, since that's hardly been done. Oh...
  13. Formation Z

    Breakers/Breakers' Revenge

    Anyone play this series?
  14. Formation Z

    Kool G Rap holds it down for the FF7 heads I never thought anyone would sample a FF7 tune to make a beat. Oh and a bonus this link is kinda cool.
  15. Formation Z

    Interesting Scans: The Very First Major Fighting Game Competition Event

    I just dug this up, I thought Game Play would be the perfect place since it's regarding tournaments. I'm sure alot of people wondered when the first tournament on earth was. Let's take this back to Japan circa 1992, light years before Evolution, or Super Battle Opera.......(Scans from...
  16. Formation Z

    Rambo III (Sega Genesis)

    I just got done beating this underrated masterpiece on all difficulty settings like I did for years, it's got a "meh" ending, but it's still a rush that keeps you coming back for more. Best overhead war game I've played. Just playing the game itself was just as intense as looking at the...
  17. Formation Z

    Guerilla War (NES) Unused Track?

    I was listening to the Guerilla War NSF from, I came up on a track I never heard in the game before, it sounds pretty tight here's a link to it. Is it a Japanese exclusive, or data of unreleased music hidden inside the cartridge? Speaking...
  18. Formation Z

    Final Fight Streetwise videos Looks more like Fight Club in some points. and...
  19. Formation Z

    TV Show Closing Logo Jingles Hahah brings back memories, especially the Columbia pictures ones. The "80's Torch Lady" jingle used to scare me to death when I was little. Loud music and a dark atmosphere in that logo just didn't mesh well...
  20. Formation Z

    My AES: Done on AutoCAD

    Here's a picture of my AES, which was the guinea pig for my final project in my class last semester. I made a 94 on it.