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  1. Argentina94

    Old Member's Check-In Thread.

    To think I was 30 when I joined this group, Now I'm 51. Remarried my wife, 3 kids and all living in Cornwall, Ontario in our new house. No longer have my console collection but still play nonetheless and finally have my man-cave with all my toys. Glad so many oldtimers are here.
  2. Argentina94

    Neo Turf Masters, Metal Slug Conversions, KOF 98

    I have finally decided to sell my 12 year old Neo collection. I guess there comes a point when changes in life make other details moot and that includes this. I've sold the majority of my collection except my Jeff Kurtz modded console and 3 games. I understand conversions have historically been...
  3. Argentina94

    8 AES games - $260 + Shipping & WU fees

    I hadn´t bothered to update my last selling thread since I'm sure by now I can no longer edit it. Anyway, I'm moving back to Toronto, Canada for a year and I'm cleaning my house, and that includes any consoles and games I no longer need. I'm keeping just the essentials and selling the...
  4. Argentina94

    Is it just me, or did Resident Evil 5 suck?

    I finished the game this Sunday and this was like a watered down RE4. Same enemies, blase story, no "survival horror" to speak of and much less detail than it's predecessor. Seriously, 4 years of waiting for this? Personally, despite how much I loved RE4, I was always more of a fan of classic...
  5. Argentina94

    WTF is going on here?

    Why is turning into a Matrix full of Smiths? Is Shawn or Bobak not aware of this or are they in on the "joke"?
  6. Argentina94

    For those who play their games through a sound system, what got you started?

    I´m sure many of us over 30 types remember when playing your NES or Genesis on a 20 or 27 inch set was the norm, but now many here play on larger LCD or plasma sets with a monster receiver pumping out 7.1 digital sound. For me, the SNES was the first console I ever hooked up to a stereo...
  7. Argentina94

    Raise your hand if you're still on your first XBOX360

    Just wondering based on so many "My 360 died!" threads over the years. Mine's 3 years old, has an ms25 Samsung drive and never had a problem. Anyone else?
  8. Argentina94

    US/JPN AES Games for Sale

    I´ve decided to trim down my collection to the essential systems and games. Already sold off my modded X'EYE, SNES and Saturn systems and the only keeper of the classic systems is the almighty Neo. But many games I acquired just to enlarge the library and found I´m happy with 7 that I have so...
  9. Argentina94

    Does anyone here still system-link XBOX, XBOX360?

    I´m not sure if this is the right forum (if not, I apologize) but I´m not really talking about specific shooters or games in particular, but the exprience. I´ve had a 3-TV system link setup (2 xbox, 1 360) up until a week ago when I added another XBOX for a 4th TV set. It´s mainly for Halo 2...
  10. Argentina94

    Problem with KOF 98 JPN AES

    I´ve had this game for a few years now and haven´t used it for quite a few months, probably a year (like most of my other AES games) but has always worked perfectly. It was purchased used but mint and has been one of my most used carts in the system. Well, after getting the same glithy...
  11. Argentina94

    Calling all WE and PES fans!! Which is your favorite and why?

    Doubtless SuperFamiFreak will chime in with the usual JL Winning Eleven 10 Club Championship and I admit that it's an excellent game, easily my second favorite. Why isn't it my favorite? No national squads. Growing up in Canada, I've never developed an affinity for any club team at all, but the...
  12. Argentina94

    Finally getting into LCD or Plasma, but which?

    I'll be returning to Canada next month until January to tend to some personal business but in the meantime I'll be working at my old job there to pass the time as well. So I figured since I'll be back to earning money like I used to, I might as well take advantage of one specific purchase that...
  13. Argentina94

    Anyone ever get into Strat-O-Matic or similar sports simulation games?

    Just curious is all. I strictly mean the original board games, which can also include Statis Pro, APBA, Replay Publishing, Replay Manager, Pursue the Pennant, etc.. I'm not including the PC manager games that have a large audience in Europe. I was always a big fan of Strat-O-Matic Hockey...
  14. Argentina94

    Power problem with modded AES

    I have an older serial# US AES with the Neobitz and Unibios mods. I've had this unit for 5 years and had it modded last year. After the mod, I used it sparringly until I moved and in the last few months have given the unit some use. About 3 months ago, the unit started giving me issues that it...
  15. Argentina94

    Can an NTSC TV accept a PAL signal?

    I have three TV sets, all NTSC only, and was wondering if there was anything I could do to have them accept a PAL cable TV signal? While here in Argentina all TV sets sold are multisystem, I brought mine over from Canada. Cable TV here is PAL (50hz?). Thanks.
  16. Argentina94

    XBOX System Link

    I have a 3 TV/XBOX setup for a total of 6 players max. I was just wondering what people could recommend (other than Halo). I'm particularly interested in system link/split screen games but I'm having a hard time finding options that aren't limited to shooters. Are there any racing games thatuse...
  17. Argentina94

    Possible problem with my CRT, sharpness issue.

    I moved to Argentina a few months ago and my stuff from Canada arrived about a month later. All my stuff arrived just fine and when I connected all my A/V equipment, everything displayed like it should. Lately the last month I've noticed my set doesn't seem to display progressive or HD as...
  18. Argentina94

    Question for DevilRedeemed and/or Mushiki

    Since you two are the only members I know who live in the same country, I was wondering about the internet connection quality in Buenos Aires. I just installed cable and internet in my house on Friday and was surprised at the connections offered to me and it's price points. Cable is fine, but...
  19. Argentina94

    Came back $250 lighter from the flea market today

    That's $250 CDN, approx $215 US I didn't expect to spend so much especially since I didn't get what I originally went for but I got a pretty decent deal: All items used, but mint: DS Lite (Black) $100 New Super Mario $30 Super Princess Peach $20 Mario Kart DS $30 Gears of War 360 $40 Ridge...
  20. Argentina94

    When Fat People Attack I love the part when the third friend bulldozes him :lolz: