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  1. The Drizzle

    FS: Harvest Moon 64, box and cart. No manual

    $80 shipped in U.S. Bottom right corner has slight damage. Top left corner has tape, but no damage.
  2. The Drizzle

    Let's talk Silent Hill, or those games you just cant stop going back to.

    I'm currently reinstalling Silent Hill 2 for PC getting ready for my 4th or 5th play through. I just love this series and keep going back for more. Even though I had to force myself through Homecoming for 360 (it wasn't that bad but still..I got the UFO ending wtf?) and I can't bother with...
  3. The Drizzle

    Playing Fatal Frame 2 on xbox 360 corrupted saves?

    Anyone play Fatal Frame 2 using xbox360 backwards compatibility? For the 2nd time now my game saves have corrupted, so I don't even feel like playing it anymore even though I've heard its a good game. Has this happened to anyone else? Is there a way to prevent it?
  4. The Drizzle

    Is there anything worse than buying a game and beating it in a day or 2?

    :confused: I don't think so.
  5. The Drizzle

    Final Fantasy 4 GBA vs DS

    Anyone who's played both which version do you prefer? I just picked up the DS one used and while the 3d graphics, cutscenes, and voice acting is nice i'm not sure if I'm liking it as much as I liked the original. I'm not some kind of otaku anime subbed and dubbed for all tastes keep 2d alive...
  6. The Drizzle

    Why the long delay between television seasons released on DVD?

    Just wondering why it takes so long for companies to put out seasons of television shows on DVD. I recently discovered the amazingness of Third Watch thanks to DVDs and watched the entire thing in the span of a week. Now I'm gonna be sitting around waiting for July 9th for season 2 to be...
  7. The Drizzle

    Watchu know 'bout this?

    go new jersey!
  8. The Drizzle

    Looking for people: Halo 3 infection match

    Soniku and I are looking to get some players together for a Halo 3 infection game. Looking for maybe 10 total. Anyone interested? Will probably be played sometime after 10pm EST whenever we can get everyone together.
  9. The Drizzle

    Anyone down for a Halo 3 infection game?

    I'm getting a little tired of COD4 after getting the gold AK47 so I booted up Halo 3 with soniku and we're looking to get an infection game going. Looking for maybe 10 people total for tomorrow night some time.
  10. The Drizzle

    Transfering songs on an ipod?

    I've been looking at the ipod touch but have put it off since I know how gay ipods are with not letting you remove mp3s from them and putting them on your computer, but is there a way to transfer songs from my existing ipod onto a new one? I dont have most of the albums anymore. :eye: :eye:
  11. The Drizzle

    Whats the fastest way to make the 360 get the red ring?

    The other day while playing condemned my 360 shit itself. It no longer displays any video, you can only hear the audio through the tv. And as you know, microsoft's 3 year warranty only covers Red Ring of Death errors. There's no way I'm paying $150+ to fix this (this is my 5th 360). I...
  12. The Drizzle


    Selling my copy of Condemned 2 for xbox 360. Played through once. $52 shipped O.B.O. to US only. Paypal Accepted.
  13. The Drizzle

    You fags can stop whining about the soldier. You got a new enemy. ART!
  14. The Drizzle

    What are some good Twilight Zone episodes?

    I just watched an episode of the Twilight Zone last night called "The After Hours" and it was fucking awesome. Part 1 is here watch it. Exactly the kind of weird shit I like to watch. Can anyone recommend some top episodes for me to check out as I'm...
  15. The Drizzle

    Guitar nerds: ________ shreds.

    Theres this guy on youtube that takes videos of famous guitarists and overdubs bad/funny playing onto the video, resulting in hilarity. Iron Maiden Shreds (wait for the x-files theme and circus music)...
  16. The Drizzle

    Fuck you, American Eagle

    Y'all be bullshit.
  17. The Drizzle

    What do you guys do for your birthday/christmas now that you're older?

    As kids we all look forward to our birthdays and to christmas because it's a time for our greedy asses to force our parents to buy all the stuff we wish we had because everyone else has it. You eagerly write down your list for "santa". I want the newest videogame console and all the games! I...
  18. The Drizzle

    Where's fire pro wrestling returns!? Says 11/13/07. WHERE IS IT! :crying: Anyone who can confirm its out?
  19. The Drizzle

    Nerf GregN's sig

    It takes up more than the whole browser window in 1280x1024!