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  1. Bill Kilgore

    ### Post your PIC - Official Thread ###

    Me and the soon to be waifu at a party At the Efteling in the Netherlands
  2. Bill Kilgore

    Post Your Recent Purchases!

    I tried googeling "perfect stool", the first thing i found was: I'm a type 4 most of the time...
  3. Bill Kilgore

    What are some of the most rarest MVS carts

    How about some Metal Swag?
  4. Bill Kilgore

    Looks like awful solder job? I'm looking for this arcade board but look at some of those chips. Is it bad solder or something else? Almost looks like molten plastic (hopefully not from the...
  5. Bill Kilgore

    Big Red Tryptich spotted in Toronto

    Be sure to bring your gun and ask nicely...
  6. Bill Kilgore

    To sell everything but the everdrive

    Food for thought...
  7. Bill Kilgore

    Anyone trying to buy a home now?

    Ugh it's crazy as hell over here. The high population density we have here in Belgium doesn't help either. There's a bit more chance to find something down south but that's where all the Frenchies live.