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  1. suicidekiller

    [FS] The final countdown... AES/MVS/Soundtracks

    No, not the Song by Europe. Just my collection ;) Here are the old threads for price reference:
  2. suicidekiller

    [FS] The rest of my collection... AES/MVS/Soundtracks

    Since I won't be able to edit the old thread soon, here's a new one. I'll leave sold prices in the old thread, you can find it here:! Now onto the rest :) Worldwide...
  3. suicidekiller

    WTB: 1941 Counter Attack PCB

    Have been looking for this for a while now but with no luck. Region doesn't matter as long as it's original. Let me know what you got. Thanks
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    [FS] My Neo Geo AES Collection... (over 80 titles mostly US) + MVS Full Kits added!

    This is my old selling thread. I'll leave sold prices here for reference. You can find the new thread here: =================SOLD================= JP Carton Box Mahjong Kyou...
  5. suicidekiller

    Samurai Shodown The Definitive Soundtrack pre-order starting today

    As per title a remastered soundtrack for the original Samurai Shodown can be pre-ordered as either a 3LP box set or 2CD set starting from today. On a personal note I find the price tag quite hefty (for the vinyl) considering the original release is a fairly cheap disc to obtain. But at least...
  6. suicidekiller

    [WTB] MVS Kits + Clamshell NGPC Games

    Looking for MVS Kits Metal Slug (US) Ninja Master's (US) Shougi no Tatsujin (JP) Money Idol Exchanger (JP) Complete full kits with matching serials (for the US ones). Yeah, I know the OCD is kicking in again. Condition wise I'm fine with reasonable wear and tear, possibly even writing on the...
  7. suicidekiller

    AES Pal to NTSC conversion questions

    Pretty much this. This one to be exact: Since you will be using RGB: There's also an RGB fix which you could check out because later board revisions tend to have vertical lines in the picture. But 50/60Hz is just determined by this jumper.
  8. suicidekiller

    Neo Geo pencil boards (下敷き)

    First off, I'm a sucker for weird memorabilia so this type of merchandise could be unknown to many of you. Well, so called shitajikis are some kind of pencil board with artwork from different game series. I've recently acquired a Last Blade shitajiki and I'm trying to find out more about these...
  9. suicidekiller

    FS: SNK Figures/Gashapon

    Have a couple of SNK related figures for sale. Shipping worldwide, please ask for a quote if you are interested (costs are reasonable). SNK vs. Capcom SD-style set 1 by Banpresto, very good condition 20€
  10. suicidekiller

    [SOLD] King of Fighters '99 AES (US)

    SOLD on eBay for 999€ (852€ after fees)
  11. suicidekiller

    The Pulstar soundtrack will be getting a Vinyl & CD release soon

    Great news, looking forward to this. Just bought me the MVS kit of this beautiful game so it's right on time :buttrock:
  12. suicidekiller

    [FS] Metal Slug 5 English AES

  13. suicidekiller

    Someone help me buying a game from

    After I found some nice members here to help me with shipping games internationally from the US I'm now on the lookout for a kind soul from the UK to get me something from All expenses would be paid in advance. Any help is appreciated, thanks in advance!
  14. suicidekiller

    WTT: Samurai Spirits 0 Special (unfixed) AES

    Might be a long shot but I'm looking to trade my unfixed JP copy for a US unfixed copy. My game is in excellent condition. Also looking for these US titles: - Ninja Master's - World Heroes Perfect Cheers
  15. suicidekiller

    FS: N64 + DS collection

    Time to tidy out. All games are in good to very good shape, complete and US-version (except Sin & Punishment obviously). I'll gladly ship worldwide. One game is 6,20€ registered. Two are 9€ registered (less for the handheld stuff). In case you want more I'll give you a quote. Payment via PayPal...
  16. suicidekiller

    SNK/Neo Geo Manga anyone?

    Does anyone know if there were official licensed Neo Geo related Manga? Most of them I can find are Doujinshi that's why I'm asking. Or do you guys have any recommendations for me in general?
  17. suicidekiller


    Very good condition. 299€ OBO Payment via PayPal. Worldwide shipping should be around 20€. Trade possible. Looking for the following (region doesn't matter): Battle Bakraid Brave Blade Dangun Feveron ESP.Rade Flying Shark Grind Stormer Knuckle Bash Teki Paki
  18. suicidekiller

    WTB: Neo Geo Posters + Flyers

    Looking for English version Neo Geo posters and English folded flyers. They have the two-lined "Neo Geo" text rather than the round Neo Geo logo. Hyper Neo Geo is also fine. Hook me up with what you got. Cheers
  19. suicidekiller

    Someone help me buying a game from

    EDIT: Found a blessed soul who bought the game for me :) Thanks for your attention! As mentioned in the title I'm looking to buy a game from However, the seller refuses to ship it internationally. So if someone from the US could do me a favor in buying it you would make me quite happy...
  20. suicidekiller

    Art of Fighting 1-3 is coming on Vinyl! (and on CD) Awesome news!! Brave Wave will publish all three soundtracks from Art of Fighting 1 to 3 on Vinyl. I'm stoked :buttrock: This will be the first time to have Neo Geo music on Vinyl actually. One can only dream of the other titles (Garou Densetsu, King of...