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  1. Schiggidyd

    Feedback for TheGau

    Met with member TheGau today to purchase his JP KOF2003 for AES and League Bowling JP for AES. He was friendly, timely, and gave me a very fair price. A positive all around!
  2. Schiggidyd

    Post Your Recent Purchases!

    My newest! I never thought I'd get to own this, but here we are!
  3. Schiggidyd

    Did Neo Geo Freak sell mismatched manuals?

    Did Neo Geo Freak sell mismatched manuals? I got a US Puzzled today, but didn't realize until I got home that the manual was JoyJoyKid. I found the "distributed by NGF" sticker on the side of the cartridge, as well as some sort of numbered code for the cartridge from a Singapore amusements...
  4. Schiggidyd

    WTTF AES Games (list inside)

    WTB/WTTF: Baseball Stars Professional AES Savage Reign AES Soccer Brawl AES Spinmaster AES Super Sidekicks AES Super Sidekicks 3 AES Puzzled Euro MANUAL ONLY Condition/Region isn't super important, beater copies are OK with me unless they're really awful. Must be complete though. I've got...
  5. Schiggidyd

    Schiggidyd's Collection Thread

    Took home an English Matrimelee today! I'm psyched! Last blade 2 coming in the mail, and a new pictures soon!