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  1. ReplicaX

    Post Your Recent Purchases!

    L AMI /w Dia Blk monitor
  2. ReplicaX

    What was your first car?

    1987 Caprice 2 Door Coupe 305.
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    Best prank you ever pulled at school.

    Since I worked at the arcade. I ordered 1000 bright yellow smiley face bouncy balls and paid my boss for them. My High School had extremely long halls being a 1st floor only Vo-Tech. During gym, which is at the end of this hall. Everything was divided between 30 ppl and we lined up before the...
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    Your vehicle brand of choice?

    I vary with brands over the years. Comes down to where I live, what I need, and serviceability. My last 10 yrs have been with Subaru. My local dealership isn't a bunch of scumbags and run good departments. Parts availability, price, and shared common parts are there. Never had any issues with...
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    Good bye VBulletin -> Hello XenForo

    Out of curiosity how big was the DB backup? Even with compression it had to be insane.
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    [FS] 25 MVS carts

    Clearing out some MVS Titles. - US only. - All carts original unless otherwise noted. - Prices do not include shipping - Shipping will be USPS PM in medium rate boxes. (smalls don't cut it) - PP F&F or PP +4% for fees - Any questions on prices or carts, feel free to PM me. - Starting on NG first...
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    Pope Sazae - ongoing deal with no response

    There was no benefit of the doubt as soon as he started I stated Berry would let us know in truth. Sure as hell not holding my breath.
  8. ReplicaX

    Pope Sazae - ongoing deal with no response

    John Blount aka Pope Sazae fed me this bs, that he had contacted Berry and was correcting the situation. Which is a flat out lie, as Berry has said.
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    My solution to the whole middle east problem

    Thread needs more Iron Sheik.
  10. ReplicaX

    My solution to the whole middle east problem

    He had a kickass bodyguard though, the one and only Iron Sheik:
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    Post Your Recent Purchases!

    NEC XM29 and a JNX Supergun.
  12. ReplicaX

    To buy a Xbox 360 just for the shoot'em ups, what do you think?

    Huge difference in case design. While the Jasper does benefit with smaller a CPU and GPU, its still inside a poor vented case.
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    Looking for a deliveryman in Altanta USA

    Isn't this suppose to be some email in my spam folder or something?
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    a new neogeo video series

    Oh look a YT <Insert Name> "plays" video To stay on theme with Grandpa Simpson
  15. ReplicaX

    Mrs. Pacman JAMMA versus Non JAMMA

    - Stop impulse buying. - Stop impulse buying on Ebay. - Ask questions on stuff before you buy. or just Buy it from paradise arcade and save yourself the hassle. Jammaboards is sold out anyway and more money.