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  1. qube

    Fatal Fury: City of the Wolves

    Same brother, great to see you too! I'm down, I'll probably be checking in here as info on this drops. I still play MOTW pretty regularly, so I'm pretty excited to see this happening.
  2. qube

    Fatal Fury: City of the Wolves

    I agree, it looks interesting/good enough that I'm here posting about it. Been a long time coming, so I'll hold any complaints until I've played it first. I'm just excited that this is on the schedule.
  3. qube

    Neo Geo Posters FS / KOF 2K2 Mook added

    Doing some holiday cleaning and I came across this stuff. Leftovers from when I still actually played Neo. All posters are in good condition. The long arcade promo posters have some minor bends (less than half an inch from finger impressions) in them from being handled, but nothing major...
  4. qube

    Parasol Stars - TG-16 on eBay

    Less than 24 hours left, going pretty cheap. Check it out!
  5. qube

    Really nice copy of Dungeons & Dragons Collection for Saturn

    Came across this the other day in my house. Beautiful copy. Absolutely perfect minus a small crack in the case, about 1/2 an inch or so in length. Otherwise, really mint copy. eBay tells me $140-150 for one in this condition, so I'm thinking $125 shipped is decent. Here's some pics and stuff...
  6. qube

    Does everyone have that one Facebook friend?

    Who constantly complains about FB "drama", and makes vague passive-aggressive posts about other people, but constantly whines about exactly those things without being able to see that they are exactly that person? Like they're constantly projecting, and no one ever holds them accountable?
  7. qube

    This site has changed, where the politics at?

    Not even two months from election day, and I don't see any political topics. Did I miss something while I was gone? Are we all on the same page now, and thus, no need for argumentative political topics? Are we a completely homogenous website now? Hivemind and all that. If so, I'm down.
  8. qube

    Any idea who's collection this is? -- Massive Ebay Auction--

    LINK Certainly a collection this big belongs to someone well known, especially the Neo stuff. :eek:
  9. qube

    Get these PS2 Games Outta Here

    $25 shipped Payment via paypal plus 3% for fees or you can send it gift, makes no difference to me. Phantom Brave (new) Sly2 Band of Thieves Castle Shikigami 2 Beatmania (played once)
  10. qube

    Get this stuff out of here -- 20 Blu-ray LOT in here too

    Don't like a price? Make an offer. Just want to move some of this stuff. Paypal as payment, shipping is extra. Buy more items get a better price. Games are complete unless noted. Saturn -- SF Alpha (in SFA2 case) - $6 All Japan Pro Wrestling feat. Virtua Fighter (JPN, disc only) - $5 PS2 --...
  11. qube

    Buy a Comic Day - This Weekend

    Just wanted to give a heads up that today, tomorrow and Sunday is the first-annual 'Buy a Comic Day'. I know...the name is kind of a misnomer, but whatever. Visit your local comic book retailer and do your part to help sales in a flagging industry. Details If you're in Houston, I'd recommend...
  12. qube

    Games for Sale: Saturn, DC, PS2, GBA, DS, N-Gage Bundle

    Haven't kept up with prices in years, if something seems off, feel free to make an offer. Just looking to clear this stuff out to make room for other stuff. Paypal as payment, shipping is extra. Buy more items get a better price. Games are complete unless noted. Saturn -- Clockwork Knight -...
  13. qube

    So my company has a few iPads

    And I've been spending some time with them lately, and I must say, they're even less impressive than I thought they would be. We also switched from Blackberrys to iPhones recently, and I don't even see the business utility for iPads outside of a lighter travel accessory for short trips where...
  14. qube

    Hey, Drum & Bass Queers

    I need help finding a song. I can't find an album for sale or download anywhere, hoping someone can hook me up and point me in the right direction to buy this shizz. Song is 'Be There for 4 U' by D. Kay and Rawful (seems that some people think it's by Ill Skillz, but I'm not 100% sure either...
  15. qube

    goingmerry to BEST OF "man"

    Put this damn thread in best of, NAO!
  16. qube

    I may not play Neo anymore...

    but I still hate when people call homecarts, AES. I don't think I'll ever accept that name for homecarts.
  17. qube

    DC games for sale

    Breaking up a lot. Deals will be cut on multiple item orders. NO TRADES unless you have Depeche Mode SACDs. Other than that, not interested in trades. ============== MvC2 - US, complete and NM | $35 shipped **SOLD** Capcom Vs. SNK - JPN, complete and mint | $12 shipped Virtual On: Oratorio...
  18. qube

    How old are you?

    We haven't done any of these demographic type polls in awhile, and I know we've all aged since the last age-related one. Just kind of wondering if there are more of us in our 30s now than 20s, are we really getting that old as a community? I'm 32, be 33 this year.
  19. qube

    I need T.A.P.'s Address

    Can anyone PM it to me? I'm about to go to the post office, but I need his addy before I can go. Thanks