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  1. neo-geo-mvs

    Metal Slug on BBC News

    Nice one @frazer99 I watched it and didn't see it was you until now (y)
  2. neo-geo-mvs

    Show me your white MVS carts!

    White carts ftw
  3. neo-geo-mvs

    Remembering (the original site)

    lol, in that context it just means "idiot" but in a friendly way.
  4. neo-geo-mvs

    Jaelus' Arcade

    very nice collection, congrats!!
  5. neo-geo-mvs

    Post Your Recent Purchases!

    nice gets
  6. neo-geo-mvs

    Post Your Recent Purchases!

    PAL version was £65 but import versions were £100. Import shops always charged extra for the privilege of getting them earlier than the UK release
  7. neo-geo-mvs

    Post Your Recent Purchases!

    So cheap theses days. Used to be a £100 cart ($150) back in the day in Import shops in the UK
  8. neo-geo-mvs

    Hey guys check my gamer collection

    This :ROFLMAO:
  9. neo-geo-mvs

    My Neo Geo games collection

    Carts as of Aug 2018. Sold off quite a few carts over the last few years (Japanese/Korean labelled carts) and focused mainly on English labelled MVS carts. Also sold a few home carts. This is pretty much my perfect collection now :buttrock: Main MVS collection Arcade project MVS carts...
  10. neo-geo-mvs

    Metal Slug X on the arcade cab in the new N.E.R.D video

    Don't know if anybody noticed it or cared :lolz: See it at 1:10 onwards
  11. neo-geo-mvs

    Post Your Recent Purchases!

    WWF WrestleFest ftw!
  12. neo-geo-mvs

    A few MVS games

    Looking for the following please. Original carts with original label Money Puzzle Exchanger (Korean or Japanese) Nightmare in the Dark (English or Japanese) Thanks
  13. neo-geo-mvs

    Post Your Recent Purchases!

    I have a LB2 in white to; :buttrock:
  14. neo-geo-mvs

    What anime are you watching?

    I haven't read the manga 'cus I'm lazy, I'd rather just sit there and watch the anime :-J I've heard the manga is better so may be worth giving that a read first if you've got time. I'm watching Appleseed Alpha next :buttrock:
  15. neo-geo-mvs

    My Neo Geo games collection

    These are some of the last editions to my collection - some new to my collection and some that have replaced games in my collection already as they are in better condition. These just need to be cleaned at some point, inside and out ready to add to my main collection :D These games are for my...
  16. neo-geo-mvs

    Support kidpanda

    Show your support to kidpanda and show us what Wii stuff you have :buttrock: Here's my collection to date. Looking at getting Samurai Shodown Anthology if I can find cheap :D
  17. neo-geo-mvs

    WTT my carts (TSS / PB2 / PI2 etc) for your SSVS / pleasure goal / ganryu / pochi and nyaa

    I'll trade Pleasure Goal for Twinkle Star Sprites, King of Fighters 97 and Shock Troopers Picture below
  18. neo-geo-mvs

    More shill bidding on ebay?

    Was watching a few MVS auctions and noticed the same bidder bidding on tons of the same persons auctions. Checking his bids, he's only ever bid on this seller's items. retracted over 27 bids, won a few, never left feedback. Very suspect. balgizhar123 (357) = bazza1000 (579) = NEOMASTER...
  19. neo-geo-mvs

    WTB: Nightmare in the Dark MVS

    Looking for the above. Mint English label. Thanks :D UK/Europe sellers please to save on import tax etc. Thanks
  20. neo-geo-mvs

    MVS peeling labels, best fix?

    pritt stick is the best imo