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  1. incrediblehark

    Good bye VBulletin -> Hello XenForo

    Good to see the forums back up, with most of the other forums i used to lurk shutting down these past few years its good to see still going strong.
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    NEOSD PRO - The New Terranonion Neo Geo Product March 2018.

    Was hoping to get a NEOSD Pro AES but no idea of when it will be in stock. Should I hold out or just bite the bullet and get a regular NEOSD? Right now the NEO CD support is what's holding me back... would be nice to have that and sell off my CD collection.
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    WTB - Neo Geo Pocket Color

    Just looking for a reasonably priced NGPC system in good shape. Loose or boxed is fine, would like to have both battery covers. Screen scratches should be fine as I'll just get a new replacement. Planning to do an LCD mod. Let me know what you have/how much you're looking to get. Thanks!
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    Help with 138-in-1 mvs cart

    So I have a neo geo 138-in-1 cart. these are the ones with the sub board connected. I have it connected to an mv-1 board in a cab. The problem I am having is when everything is connected and I plug in the cabinet, I get a garbage screen displayed which is supposed to be the selection menu...
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    WTB/WTTF - 138-in-1 MVS cart

    Please pm me with a price or if anyone knows a site with these in stock let me know! Mainly looking for this one over the 161-in-1 because you can customize what games are displayed.
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    wrong section.
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    FS/T: - Various games and video related items

    Here is what I have available for sale/trade, I will add to this as I uncover more stuff. Prices do not include shipping. Looking to trade for just about anything games related, but my current wants are at the bottom of this post. Either way let me know what you have and maybe we can work out a...
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    Mother 3 English Repro Carts for sale

    Nintendoage forum member pichici010 has produced a run of Mother 3 English GBA Carts. As of tonight he still has 171 in stock so plenty left for anyone interested. I have no monetary incentive to posting this, just thought I'd share the link for anyone interested who did't know these were...
  9. incrediblehark

    WTB - Homebrew / Indie Dreamcast Releases

    Just recently got back into Dreamcast, and I missed out on a lot, I have none of the newer releases after the system died off in 2001. Let me know what you have available and asking price, and hopefully we can work out some deals! List taken from Wikipedia, if there are any more not listed, or...
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    WTB/WTTF: US Sega Saturn Games \ Manuals \ Inserts \ Plus A Few PAL (05/26/13)

    Here is a list of all US Sega Saturn games left I need to finish my collection. If you have any please pm me with a price or I have some stuff for trade. Thanks! Games (Complete Preferred): All-Star Baseball '97 Featuring Frank Thomas Black Dawn CONGO The Movie - The Lost City of Zinj...
  12. incrediblehark

    Wanted - Sharp X68000 or X68030

    Let me know if you have a setup available for sale, what model and what you're looking to get for it, maybe we can work something out. Thanks!
  13. incrediblehark

    Wanted - Famicom repro service.

    I recently got a copy of Rockboard for Famicom and I am looking for someone who would be willing / able to make a translated repro of the game for me. I would supply the actual game as the donor, and cover shipping both ways. If you are interested please pm me letting me know how much you would...
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    If I owe you feedback....

    please pm me with the deal thread. I'm trying to catch up on old dealings been off and on and I'm sure I've missed some people.
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    wanted: X2VGA or similar VGA solution for xbox 1

    Trying to get my softmodded xbox 1 to output vga
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    WTB: Tales of Destiny 1 and 2 US PSX

    Looking to pick up these 2 rpgs, complete, pm me with a price. thanks!
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    Wanted - NEC XM 29 or 37 rgb monitor ME/NH area

    I know this is a longshot but thought id post it up here, if anybody has one of these monitors they want to sell and is within any reasonable driving distance from me please let me know!
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    WTB/WTTF: US Sega Saturn Games \ Manuals \ Inserts \ Plus A Few PAL (08/04/12)

    Here is a list of all US Sega Saturn games left I need to finish my collection. If you have any please pm me with a price or I have a bunch of stuff for trade (working on getting it all together). Thanks! Games (Complete Preferred): All-Star Baseball '97 Featuring Frank Thomas Battle Stations...
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    FS: Street Fighter Alpha 3 CPS2 *SOLD*

    Blue B board, phoenixed. $150 OBO shipped in the US. *SOLD for 115 shipped*
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    FS/FT: Various Games / Systems / Etc. Updated 02/02/12

    Thanks for checking out my sale thread. Still working on prices. Any reasonable offers and trades will be considered, so if you're interested in anything feel free to send me a pm! Payment by Paypal (gift or +fees preferred) or Money Order, US /Canada only please. As far as trades, I'm looking...