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  1. mjmjr25

    prof's neo stuff

    Very nice. Slick setup.
  2. mjmjr25

    ### Post your PIC - Official Thread ###

    Multiple car seats. You KNOW he puts out, ladies!
  3. mjmjr25

    Unreleased Mega drive shooter announced by Colombia Circle (I think)

    Thought the Columbians released some dude who shot up a mega ton of people.
  4. mjmjr25

    Bunch of shit for trade.

    What's the point if it was off-site? That seems counterintuitive. People could post info you have no means to verify. The purpose of forum sale records are to know what they're doing on the forums and sale price can be verified by both members on the site if there's a need for it. Godzilla...
  5. mjmjr25

    Job Hopping

    Bingo bango bongo. Impressive resume, good people skills at interview, good work ethic or follow-through. Takes around 12-36 months to figure it out - once they know they've been figured out, they get out before they get forced out. I've been at my job 27 years. I've seen both...
  6. mjmjr25

    SOTM April 2024 - Dariusburst: Another Chronicle

    Thanks for posting this. Was about to buy it on eshop - didn't realize it had a physical release until this post. Much prefer physical. Ordered an ebay copy as well. Hopefully i'll be joining in a week-ish.
  7. mjmjr25

    Happy Birthday Joe8

    How long until he makes his own birthday thread without realising ---------------- I bet kernow would say something like that. HBD Joe8.
  8. mjmjr25

    ### Post your PIC - Official Thread ###

    I think you both look great. Seriously. But also gay, yeah. Not that there's anything wrong with that.
  9. mjmjr25

    SOTM April 2024 - Dariusburst: Another Chronicle

    Lookin' good - thanks for the work on this one. Planning to buy it tomorrow after work.
  10. mjmjr25

    Americana for 'Sage

    You can use any "egg shaped" plastic really. We've used large and small. The small take a lot less sugar and hollowing out, but the detail on the inside is much finer. The large one is the sort of thing you find in a Target aisle, filled with a dinosaur dig, hatchimal, or any other random toy...
  11. mjmjr25

    FS/T: Atomiswave / PGM / Sigma

    BUMP Prices reduced. Taking everything unsold to a trade show next weekend.
  12. mjmjr25

    April 2024 SOTM Vote - The month of new beginnings

    For Switch, is this "Dariusburst EX+ Another Chronicle"?
  13. mjmjr25

    Americana for 'Sage

    Resurrection Sunday tomorrow...some craft time tonight. Most of you won't care but the homey sage will appreciate this. Any plastic egg shell will work. Sugar, merengue powder and a small amount of water. Mix and compact into the mold. Plop out onto a baking sheet. You can air dry...
  14. mjmjr25

    Not a fan of the series, but I like Neo Bomberman

    Bomberman Jetters (Gamecube) has some of the best stages. Great fun with 4. Lorry and Weather stages are strong.
  15. mjmjr25

    WTB:New Net City, Demon Front,STV, Gamshara, CPS1/2, Street Fighter the Movie,Jackie Chan, and more

    My Gamshara was $125 from Sophia Corp - it was around that price for a good 5+ years. I grabbed a handful of them over a few year period in various group buys on here. The market is the market is the market, I guess. It is a really good game tho. It's like Wild Guns, except good.
  16. mjmjr25

    FS/T: Atomiswave / PGM / Sigma

    Greetings, The following items are for sale or trade. Items ship from Minnesota, USA. Shipping is not included in prices. Local pickup is available. I'll be in the Minneapolis area mid-April; otherwise i'm near Duluth, MN. Items i'll trade for are listed at bottom of this post. All items are...
  17. mjmjr25

    Weekly Roundup

    Maker 1 and Maker 2 pretty exclusively the last month.
  18. mjmjr25

    April 2024 SOTM Vote - The month of new beginnings

    Voted. No strong preference.