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  1. Zero Satori

    WTB: Super Eurobeat CDs

    I'm looking for discs "Super Eurobeat" series released under the avex label. Specifically, I'm willing to consider albums which are part of the numbered series of discs AND is not a compilation disc (Non-Stop MegaMix, Super Euro-Best, Euromach, Initial D-branded discs, etc.). Feel free to post...
  2. Zero Satori

    Interactive Backgrounds In Fighting Games

    Something that I have always believed added an extra aspect of fun and/or tactical decision-making to fighting games is the inclusion of a "battle field" which contains changing conditions. In its simplest form, I'm talking about things like the signs in Ryu's stage and the crates in Guile's...
  3. Zero Satori

    True peace remains... just a dream

    In case you haven't heard, the fashion company Benetton recently made an advertising campaign featuring (doctored) images of world leaders of opposing views kissing one another. Within a short period, the company was forced to withdraw the advertisements because of protests from The Vatican...
  4. Zero Satori

    I just played Gradius III for the first time

    Well, not really, because the game wouldn't play properly on the SNES. Damn. It would start-up and get me to the Title Screen and the ship select and into the game itself, but it would periodically reset at random points. And I was so looking forward to this... Either way, I was far from...
  5. Zero Satori

    WTB: CPS-2 (Capcom) Kick Harness

    Simply explained: I just need a regular CPS-2 compatible kick harness, preferably with wiring, acceptable without. I'm not really sure at what 'sites on the Internet to look or what I should expect to pay for something like this, and the few 'sites I have found seem to be sold-out on these...
  6. Zero Satori

    Consider: Puzzle game versus mode with different games

    Basically, the idea is simple: A puzzle game collection which includes tonnes of well-known (and maybe lesser-known) games, but where in versus mode, each player can select whichever game they want. The premise is simple enough, a little harder to calculate how one's own success would "punish"...
  7. Zero Satori

    WTB: Cheap PCI or PCI-E Video Card

    I am currently in the process of testing a computer which appears to have motherboard problems and outputs no video from the on-board adapter, so I am looking for any PCI or PCI-E video card to test if these will make the computer workable. Seriously, I don't care if it's a 64 MB card, as long...
  8. Zero Satori

    OFFICIAL Star Trek Thread

    This is the thread for all the nerds to embrace the fact that they enjoy getting some science mixed-in with their entertainment. From the original 1966 series to the Animated Series, the movies, The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, Voyager, Enterprise, and everything beyond, everything's fair...
  9. Zero Satori

    WANTED: SNES System

    Hi, everyone. :glee: I'm looking to trade for an SNES system (any NTSC variety) or a Super Famicom, whichever comes first. I have an old list of Dreamcast, PS1, and PS2 games available for trade located here. In addition, I have a PS1 SCPH-5501 system LOOSE with no cables or controllers. I have...
  10. Zero Satori

    What's wrong with Mexico?

    I suppose that, in a way, an American of my generation (where football was just really starting to gain some steam) always saw Mexico as the nearest example as to why football was the world's most popular game. People go nuts for it over there, and thanks to channels like Galavision, Univision...
  11. Zero Satori

    U.K. Bans Lolicon Art

    I'm fuming right now about this, not because I'm particularly interested in the art-in-question itself but because of the precedent it sets, limiting the legality of self-expression in visual artists. Fuck this shit. Edit: Here's a preliminary article, again from
  12. Zero Satori

    Consoles and Hardware Expansions

    Before going-on, I know that this message is pretty-much "tech-related," but I'm more interested in the social ideas and ramifications of what I'm saying than the nitty-gritty of a design, so I'm putting it in "unrelated." - - - - - - - - If the current generation of consoles has proven anything...
  13. Zero Satori

    SOLD! Broken PSTwo (slim)

    Hello. I have a non-working PSTwo (the slim version, as opposed to "PS2," the fat version) for sale. It's just been sitting in the corner of my room, so maybe someone can get good use out of it. Honestly, I don't know what's wrong with it, but it won't power-up. I've tried different power cables...
  14. Zero Satori

    Real Doll [used] $2000 U.S.

    What's cooler than unlimited sex in any hole you want? :buttrock:
  15. Zero Satori

    Real Doll [used] $2000 U.S.

    In ten years, Yaton will buy a Chinese warehouse filled with these "sloppy seconds," so don't give-up hope yet!
  16. Zero Satori

    Real Doll [used] $2000 U.S.

    I take it that you're wondering if you can use American, Japanese, or European on this system? Or switch on-the-fly?
  17. Zero Satori

    WTB: Genesis 1 Power Supply

    I just got a new Sega CD without a power supply, and I heard that it uses the same power supply as the original Genesis. Needless to say, I need to get it before I can enjoy the system, so I was hoping that someone here on the boards had one laying-around. I can get it for ten bucks shipped on...
  18. Zero Satori

    Aussie Members: Looking For Some Help

    I'm trying to get my hands on one of the AFL Premiership games for PC, but with eBay ship-gouging and (for obvious reasons) no sellers in the USA, I was wondering if one of the members here would be willing to hook me up with a copy. :help: I don't want to end-up paying sixty dollars for the...
  19. Zero Satori

    Banhammer for Spamblammer

    USERNAME: edc852 DO YOUR WORST! :hammer:
  20. Zero Satori

    Help A Unicoder In Need

    I think the username says it all.