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  1. NeoTheranthrope

    Hamburger Helper: Warrior's Rage -- Send in your Amazon Reviews

    Can someone explain this to me: Samurai Showdown Warrior's Rage: Uber-Helper-Allies Edition at I... I... don't know.
  2. NeoTheranthrope

    Now that Feinstein's disarmemrment bills are effectively sunk we need "videogame control"

    Now that Feinstein's disarmemrment bills are effectively sunk we need "videogame control" Sen. Feinstein: Congress may ‘have to proceed’ with violent video game regulation *sigh*
  3. NeoTheranthrope

    Sooo... It seems that Photobucket has shit the bed...

    Fucking 7 years worth of random forum-joke images; photo-blagging various projects; hundreds of photos of various conventions and other events like EVO: Gone! (or just broken or hidden) Without so much as an apology or even an explanation. However, after doing some searching I hear tale of a...
  4. NeoTheranthrope

    No fooling the Pope part deux! Pope Benedict XVI is to resign on February 28th

    "The pope announced that he will leave his ministry at 8:00 pm (1900 GMT) on February 28," said the spokesman, Federico Lombardi. Last year the Pope started using a cane on occasions and recently he appeared to have trouble reading the text of an address he delivered in Rome."
  5. NeoTheranthrope

    My Little Pony: Fighting is Magic possible 8th-slot EVO World 2013 Tourniment title(?)

    The first seven EVO titles have been announced: As for the eighth... While I like Skullgirls and a lot of the other choices for the eighth slot a whole lot, I very much want MLP:FiM to win... for trolling purposes (and charity). The SRK buttdevastation would be UNIMAGINABLE.
  6. NeoTheranthrope

    NeoGeoFreak mentioned in Boingboing article about (retarded) auctions for chō-rare carts

    NeoGeoFreak mentioned in Boingboing article about (retarded) auctions for chō-rare carts The hidden (and incredibly expensive) relics of gaming's golden age
  7. NeoTheranthrope

    Cleveland busdriver suspended after he CLOCKS unruly female passenger (video)

    Cleveland Bus Driver Suspended After Decking Unruly Female Rider With Brutal Bolo Punch It should be noted: The unruly female passenger, prior to the start of the video, hit and spit in the face of the bus driver while the bus was in motion.
  8. NeoTheranthrope

    AP editor cites Michele "Crazy eyes" Bachmann fact-checking ‘quota’

    "n a panel of fact-checking all-stars this morning at the National Press Club, a predictable question arose: What about the studies that have shown that fact-checking operations are tougher on Republican than Democratic politicians? Among the points raised by the panel was that the balance...
  9. NeoTheranthrope

    Iran's news agency PWNT by the paper of prophesy: The Onion

    "Add Iran's news agency to the long list of those hoodwinked by the satire of The Onion. Iran's semi-official Fars News Agency published a story Friday claiming that a Gallup poll found that rural white Americans prefer Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad over President Barack Obama. Such a...
  10. NeoTheranthrope

    U.S. Embassy attacks in North Africa and the Midle East

    For those keeping score there have been attacks on U.S. embassies and diplomatic staff in: Egypt, Libya, and Yemen, which all look to have been deliberately planned to coincide with the anniversary of 9/11.
  11. NeoTheranthrope

    I've finally got a Android smart-phone, what are your guys' favorite apps?

    It's a Samsung Galaxy S III in Pebble-blue, which replaced my 7-year-old KRZR. I've only owned it since Saturday, but fortunately I'm past the suck-end of the smartphone learning-curve. As for apps: I've been specifically hunting for astronomy, photography, amateur radio, meteorology...
  12. NeoTheranthrope

    Gunman in Wisconsin Sikh temple shooting named: Wade Michael Page, 40

    It sounds like one of those dumb, inbred, redneck motherfuckers that can't tell the difference between Sikh and Muslims.
  13. NeoTheranthrope

    As if I needed any more reasons to NOT vote for Ol' Mittens...

    "I want to make sure every new computer sold in this country, after I'm president, has installed on it a filter to block all pornography." Thank you, Grand Old Party, for making it clear that you neither need, nor want, my vote in the Presidential election this year.
  14. NeoTheranthrope

    Venus transit of the sun

    If you don't have a way to safely look at the sun you can watch this livestream here: This will be the last transit of Venus to occur in your lifetime. Next chance: December 2117. Edit: New stream AcC5iqNypj4
  15. NeoTheranthrope

    The history of Animaniacs

    Via Boing-Boing
  16. NeoTheranthrope

    ARS: "What ever happened to the American arcade?"

    Nothing in the article that hasn't already been hashed to death here, but... meh. Nice shout out to Chris LaPort and INSERT COIN(S), tho. Side note: It would be nice if some of this publicity rubbed Joey and the Cannons the right way, so that they would allow those crazy motherfuckers who...
  17. NeoTheranthrope

    Anyone watching the MLG KoF XIII tourny?

    Winter Championship finals LIVE tonight at 5PM PT. Personally, I don't care for MLG and their bush-league attempt at "Professional Gaming". Although, it's nice seeing the Neo get some love.
  18. NeoTheranthrope

    Classic Gaming Expo 2012, Plaza Hotel & Casino Las Vegas NV, Aug 10-12

    I'm going, as seeing that I live in the host-city, but does anyone else have...