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    Currently in progress of dumping Stakes Winner Alpha dev board

    Since Stakes Winner is coming out on Nintendo Switch today I figured that I’d announce that I’m working on dumping the Alpha dev big-board. It’s got a whopping 12 C chips, 3 V chips, 10 program chips and the standard 1x M1 & S1. Unfortunately P1 through P8 were Static RAM chips and lost to time...
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    Has anyone preordered the Xbox ONE X? (Project Scorpio)

    Hi fella's, curious to see who is enjoying 4K goodness? I understand that the ONE doesn't have the perfect lineup, but you've got: Physical: Sine Mora EX (Brand spankin new remaster) RE7 BlazBlue Raiden V DOA5 DL: A ton of crap. Mark of the wolves, Guwange, Ikaruga/Raduant, Ghosts n Goblins...
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    Street Fighter 2 Hyper Fighting & Vampire Savior 2 Yellow Rental

    Both games tested and working 100%. The CPS-Dash A-Motherboard has had a replaced Z80 Audio chip & is missing one of the metal PCB feet. The Vampire Savior 2 Yellow Rental B-board is an INSANELY rare variation, Original NOT Phoenixed, battery replaced 4/16/2016. Will work with a Blue, Green or...
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    FS: Lots of MVS. Authentic Pulstar, Authentic MOTW, a huge lot of carts, etc

    Just looking to sell some stuff. All items OBO, don't be shy to make an offer. Comes from a smoking home, but games have been either stored in a glass case or in a cab. Feel free to make a bundle offer on multiple carts. Individual carts will be shipped in a bubble mailer. Don't like my prices...
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    Framing questions

    I'm fairly new to buying oil paintings that aren't already on canvas or framed. Well, I recently purchased a fairly expensive oil on paper painting. I know I want some museum quality UV glass, but I've never been a huge fan of matting. What are my realistic options here? The painting was 4...
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    What's that game/cover art? Win a free MVS cart!

    This is a super long shot. I'm trying to discover a game, but I don't know the name nor can I find any pictures at all. I believe it's a megadrive game, possibly a bootleg, IDK. I posted the art once upon a time, but can't remember shat thread it was. Ok: There's like a muscular dude with a...
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    Your top 20 Neo titles?

    The argument or discussion has been had many times about what 6 games would you choose for your six slot if you couldn't ever swap games, but let's leave a lot of headroom and make it 20. Everybody give your top 20. Maybe why you made your choices whether it be nostalgia, gameplay or...
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    Who made the "clicky" Japanese style buttons?

    I've seen multiple people discuss them in the past. Like a 30mm Japsnese srtuke button with a Microswitch click sound. Anyone have any idea at all, and if they're still available? :scratch:
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    Hori RAP V vs Mad Catz TE2 joysticks (PS4/XB1)

    Ok, we all know the TE2 doesn't require removing any screws to open it up and you can easily customize the art. It already comes with a Sanwa stick and buttons. Octogonal restrictor gate and microswitch mod + harness will be aftermarket. The Hori has a proprietary joystick with microswitches...
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    Do you put thermal paste between an audio amp and heatsink?

    I've got a bootleg single slot mobo that was manufactured in 2004 that has a high pitched sound when set to stereo and less so when set to mono, but the audio amp heatsink is all kinked and bent and It appears to have been resoldered at some point. Audio amps are cheap so I bough a NOS direct...
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    Happy Birthday, TemJin3000!

    If you're reading this, hope it's a good one! I met you once at the KOF 2003 loketest, nice guy! :)
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    Favorite Playable Metal Slug character?

    Just curious, I don't think that this question has ever been asked complete in poll form. Myself, I'll have to go with Nadia from Metal Slug 4.
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    Xbox One S now releasing on August 2nd! Hey, nearly a month sooner than initially announced. :)
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    HBD xRealNinjuzx!

    Have a great one, man. :)
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    DirecTV - Anyone having upscaling problems?

    I used to have DirecTV in the past, and if you turned Native resolution off it would upscale to whatever resolution you set. I haven't them in awhile (a few years), they're apparently owned by AT&T now. Anyhoo, the boxes still have the Native on/off option, but it does nothing. As a matter if...
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    Anyone getting an Xbox One S?

    I preordered one, the new scaler chip is supposed to be awesome. I really hope so, but at least it will have a built in UltraHD Blu-Ray drive too for movies (for when/if that format catches on).
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    Why is the Neo 59.18hz?

    Which specific component in the hardware is the cause? Is there a way to mod it to be 60hz?
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    Happy Birthday, lolifoxgirl

    Get well soon!
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