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    Price Check

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    Post Your Recent Purchases!

    Picked this one up a little over a month ago. The last good arcade in my area always used to have this on one of the neo cabs. It's just as fun as I remember.
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    Custom Neo Sticks?

    Hey guys, I've been considering a custom stick for the Neo for a wile now. Almost picked up one from Ecksnine back in 2009. I own all the factory controllers and the Fighting Stick Neo II. While the Fighting Stick Neo is the better of them, it still doesn't feel as good as my newer Qanba and...
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    Any Advice for an Interview?

    So, I've been looking for an entry level HR job for months now. This is the first serious response I've received. I would be interviewing for a position as an HR call center rep. I would be a contractor for my training period then after 6 months I would be turned over to full-time. Not my ideal...
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    (SOLD) DS Lite - Red - Price Lowered (For real this time)

    I've got a Crimson Red DS Lite for sale. I have only had it for a couple days. I bought it from a friend who had it for a few months. It is in "like new" condition. I am selling it because I want an XL model. Everything you see below is included. Also includes two Duel Masters GBA games that...
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    Best Buy Customers Know How to Bring in the New Year

    I got a call about 10 minutes ago telling me not to come in today. This is why: Only one individual was hurt. The car knocked him against the counter. He was taken to the hospital and is in stable condition.
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    Car Buying Advice

    I could use a little insight here. I just got back from picking up the results of an inspection for a new car I'm looking at. It's an '02 S2000 with 57k on it. Mechanically everything is good. However 3 tires need to be replace and the fourth is at 4/32, so it is very close as well. Tires are...
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    WTB: Azure Dreams

    Title says it. I want a North American version of Azure dreams in very nice condition. Need one that works 100% and has no scratches, rips, etc. I don't think there is a guide for it, but I'll take it if there is. Post before PM please.
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    FS: Homecart Common Lot

    Item is NM+. Payment via Paypal or money order. Post in thread before PM. The condition on these following carts vary. If interested in pics, PM me. $110 + Shipping for the lot Art of Fighting 2 (JP) - Good condition, no manual baggie, slight wear on manual spine Fatal Fury Special (JP) -...
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    This guy is just trying to raise his post count

    Edit: I meant to link to xiao_haozi's guy. Don't know how I linked to the wrong person.
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    FS/FT: Metal Slug 5 - JP AES and More (Prices Added)

    Gonna give this another try. I got this from Tonk a while back. It is NM+ Also for trade: Neo Geo AES JP - Art of Fighting 2 - $20 - Excellent condition, no manual baggie, very slight wear on manual spine JP - Fatal Fury Special - $20 - Outside of case is dirty, small crack on bottom of...
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    I suck at Baseball Stars 2

    Which makes me sad because the game is extremely fun and has great animations. I just have shitty reflexes and can rarely win a game, even on the easiest setting. Sometimes I'll be ahead by about 3-5 going in to the 6th or 7th inning then the computer activates uber cheap mode where even their...
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    FS/FT: AES - Metal Slug 5 and more (Prices lowered)

    I've decided that these carts just don't get enough use. That and I already have the MVS equivalent of many. Post in thread before you PM. Pics will come soon. Shipment overseas only to established members with good feedback. Offers are welcome. JP Art of Fighting 2 - $23 - Excellent...
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    FS/FT: Bunch of Crap(Prices lowered)

    Pics upon request. Let me know if you want more info. No orders under $10 please. Shipping is not included in these prices unless noted. Shipment overseas only to established members with good feedback. I am open to offers. Post first, before PM. NES Low G Man - $5 - With box, rental...
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    Ban MagicT

    He's either a scammer, an idiot or both. He isn't answering questions we have asked. The few questions he has answered he avoids the main point. Like when he was asked about his ebay account he never posted the actual account name. He is...
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    Anybody else having youtube problems?

    This started about 3-4 days ago. It is taking forever to load videos, It doesn't matter what the video quality is. To decribe it best, it's like a throwback to dial-up. Takes damn near 15 minutes to load an entire 10 minute video. Usually I can watch a HD video without having to wait for...
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    Meet the 1337s

    Great little video. Linky Sorry if this was already posted.
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    Help me find some anime!

    So I have a very small collection of anime. I was wanting some help in discovering new stuff. I like dark and bloody stuff like Berserk the most. But I also enjoy Ghost in the Shell: SAC. I just ordered Doomed Megalopolis, it looked ineresting. I know I need to check out Akira. Any...
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    WTB: AES English Art of Fighting

    Just like the title says. Preferably Euro, but dog-tag is ok. I am only looking for carts that are complete and minimal wear on box and papers. Insert marks are ok. After all, it's a game, it's meant to be played. Will do cash or trades. If you are interested in trading check out my sell thread...
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    nectarsis, don't deal with him.

    So about 3 and a half weeks ago I purchased an item from nectarsis and paid using paypal. After he received the payment I stopped getting any sort of communication. I sent him a message about 1 week ago to ask him about it and I still have no response. I opened up a paypal dispute today. I know...