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  1. neoman

    Britian rules the whole world in heavy weight boxing.

    Anthony Joshua beats Charles Martin to win IBF world heavyweight title Martins got Knocked down like a feather ,that was pure class by AJ Not forgetting Tayson fury with the other two belts,
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    New NGDEV Neo-Geo Game: Razion

    Snap lock broken
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    Post Your Recent Purchases!

    Had this for while now
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    Last blade Aes jap

    Last blade Willing to pay £160 :eye:
  5. neoman

    Real Bout Fatal Fury 2 Mvs Kit sold delete thread please thank you

    I've decided to part company with a beautiful game it's not a easy decision but what the hell need the money. This kit come with English art work, 2x art sheets 1x mini marquee The serial number are matching. As usual Pm me for pictures or any this else. Price 」 90.00 Postage 」7.00 uk more...
  6. neoman

    King of fighter 94 Aes Jap low price

    :-JHI Guy's Sell my KOF94 jap version. £25 PP 7with in uk International shipping welcome. Drop me a Pm and i'll email the pictures. Thank you
  7. neoman

    Samurai sprites zero special A3 poster

    Hi Hope everyone had a good Xmas .good well done. Now has anyone ever owned a sss5 poster. I've got this one in my collection but I made a huge mistake by cutting down to fit a frame. Regretting now. So anyone.
  8. neoman

    Amazon streaming stick with kodi

    Was reluctant to jump to on to this first , glad I did ,The features and programs available on Kodi are ridiculous and never ending. Christmas is going to epic this year. Anyone else viewing tv through this device.
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    art of fighting 3 mvs kit English SOLD

    Selling this gem of a games ,brought it from neo store few years back ,I thinks there's one selling at the store identical to mine. Kit includes 2 set stickers english and Spanish Mint condition Picture on request let me know Price 」80 UK shipping 」5 International more Pp gift
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    Recently decided to purchase my movies through UV codes ,got some really good deals on eBay Brought the latest X-MEN for £1,50 Manage to build a 20 + movie collection for less then £30 that should see me through the festive season.
  11. neoman

    MVS KITS plus mook - take a look - ( '@@ )

    Looking to raise a few funds which will go towards my next big purchase. The omega Cmvs Breakers english kit (Price £65 ) Iron Clad kit £ 60 Mark of the wolf mook £60 going to be very sorry to see this one go , I'm weeping already..... Shipping to be included. Domestic shipping...
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    listing is now closed (move on) don't look. thankyou

    Guy's selling me SF will post picture's later today or pm me with email address Thanks
  13. neoman

    fast stike mvs not working properly

    hi I'm using my slim cmvs to try and play the reprinted FS mvs which i received last month only just tested it now. The problem i have it loads up to the main screen and then to the intro and it follows on to the demo screen and that's it I've press start to select my option nothing happens...
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    Genjuro Kibagami

    love this image of Genjuro Kibagami downloaded the orignal image on to my photopshop and hey presto... this is the original image before i photoshoped it
  16. neoman

    Neo geo needs a new fighting game

    What the neo geo needs right now is a new fighting game All we are getting at the moment are puzzle and shooters Question is does anyone have the talented to produce another fighting game.
  17. neoman

    MVS spine cards

    I'v already got a thread regarding these spine cards but i thinks i prefer it to be in the creative section of the forum. These cards are my latest designs to fit around the MVS box. Please pass on on you opinions Thanks
  18. neoman

    cold play clocks (salsa version)

    Old tune only just heard the salsa version which was cover by Buena vista social club.beautiful mix anyone else rate it . .
  19. neoman

    Can arsenal win the league this year

    It's looking good for the gunners top of the league and going strong in champion league so can it really happen this year .
  20. neoman

    YES OR NO : Can England win the world cup

    Simple yes or no can England win the world cup