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  1. PunkicCyborg

    WTB/WTTF Omega Fighter PCB

    Don't care what region or if it's special or regular version. I have some boards or MVS carts to trade towards it or offer $180 Thanks!
  2. PunkicCyborg

    FS Windy control surround and repro panel

    This would make a really cool supergun or dual joystick set up like the Saturn New Astro City panels. The panel itself is a generic sega style panel with a repro Windy overlay. The rest is authentic Windy parts. The 100 yen decal is in tact under the 50 yen sticker but I didn't want to pull it...
  3. PunkicCyborg

    Guide: Adding a volume pot to Windy and other non amplified cabs

    I picked up a pink Windy recently and was a little dissapointed that mine was an early model that didn't have the volume pot. I got some picks from someone on Arcade Otaku and with the manual I was able to recreate it. This same installation can be used for other old cabs that didn't have a...
  4. PunkicCyborg

    The Nightmare Neo Cab Conversion Thread!

    Another gem someone local found
  5. PunkicCyborg

    Konami Windy Club

    Looking for any information on what volume pot was used in this cab. Mine doesn't have the volume pot or the konami PCB harness and would like to reproduce one. I'm looking for a part number, pics or values of the pot that was used. Here's a pic and some info on it.
  6. PunkicCyborg

    WTB junky sanwa panel for mounting bracket for my Windy

    I bought a Windy panel on YJA but it's missing the player 2 bracket. I believe these are Sanwa. I'm looking for a trashed sanwa panel I can pull one from and somehow mount on this windy panel or a bracket if someone has one already pulled from an old panel. I would be cool with a seimitsu panel...
  7. PunkicCyborg

    All sold: Custom LS30 Panel, Rotary PCBs, Victory Roard

    All sold, thanks everyone Heavy Barrel PCB $75 SOLD Midnight Resistance PCB (needs work)$20 SOLD Victory Road PCB $110 SOLD Cal. 50 and Loop 24 sticks $140 SOLD Search and Rescue PCB $160 SOLD 2 LS-30 sticks for parts/repair. $35 SOLD Bermuda Triangle PCB $110 SOLD Sega LS-30 Panel. SOLD
  8. PunkicCyborg

    WTB: Sanwa JLW Joystick

    Hey guys I am looking for a replacement stick for my Irem Madonna. I have one good working JLW already in the cab but one is completely shot and needs to be replaced. This is an older stick that they do not make anymore. If anyone has one lmk please!
  9. PunkicCyborg

    Free Play Florida 2015

    Hey guys, some of you came out last year to Free Play Florida and might have noticed the lack of console gaming. Well this year we are devoting a 3000 square foot room to consoles! It's gonna be an awesome group effort between me and several other hardcore retro gamers in FL to bring you guys...
  10. PunkicCyborg

    Windjammers with glitchy character sprites

    Hey all, I received a jammies cart but I'm having some issues with lines through many of the sprites. I have cleaned the cart edge very well. I tried swapping parts with another windjammers cart and determined the problem is on the CHR board. I examined it and see a couple traces with some...
  11. PunkicCyborg

    What's Your Favorite Platformer?

    Not my all time favorite but a game most of us recognize and nobody plays: Youkai Douchuuki. There was a famicom and Pc Engine port and both are dirt common and many people have it in their pce collection and never get far because there's a very specific way to play and a couple questions in...
  12. PunkicCyborg

    WTB Macross PCB

    LMK if anyone has one they wanna let go, thanks!
  13. PunkicCyborg

    FS: Rotary Sticks, Harnesses, PCBs

    2x LS-30 sticks $50 SHIPPED left one in pic "A" works great and is complete. "B" on right 8 way directional not working sometimes, probably needs a new microswitch, rotary working fine. Also incorrect spring so as is/parts repair. Both missing top cap Victory...
  14. PunkicCyborg

    Pope Sazae - ongoing deal with no response

    Yeah true that on the gift payments. Got burned once a couple years ago and will never send a gift again unless its just that, a gift or its a trade with a close friend. It's annoying having to wait a bit for your money to be released but I just deal with it and never expect people to pay gift...
  15. PunkicCyborg

    WTB/WTTF Breakers Revenge, loose or kit- Mag Lord available for trade

    Title sums it up. Let me know if you have a Breaker's revenge loose or kit available to buy. I also have a Magician Lord MVS to work into the deal if interested. Thanks guys!
  16. PunkicCyborg

    Anyone going to Free Play Florida?

    This con is coming up later this month and it's gonna rock. This is the events first year but this might end up becoming one of the bigger arcade cons in future years. Me and my friends will be bringing some sweet candy. HMU if you are going, I love meeting other local peeps...
  17. PunkicCyborg

    I received today...

    Got the roms today from Fox1 to switch the region of my Lightning Fighters
  18. PunkicCyborg

    FS: Atomiswave Bundle, Sega and Amp Up Looms

    Hey guys I'm cleaning out spares and thought some of this might be of use to someone here *Atomiswave carts are not original, they are the bootleg carts that you can buy new still from alibaba* Atomiswave PCB with Expansion I/O and Fotns $150*SOLD * Dolphin Blue *SOLD* KOF XI $40>$35>$30...
  19. PunkicCyborg

    1cc T-Shirt of the Month Club

    Got mine, thanks!
  20. PunkicCyborg

    WTB Xtreme Rally Hyper NG 64 cart (for a friend)

    A local friend picked up a full Roads Edge driving cab and is looking for a Xtreme Rally cart for it as well. If anyone has one for sale/trade let me know. He's not on this forum but is well known on KLOV and other arcade forums as Englishman in PlantCity and organizes arcade conventions so he's...