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    aes boycot is in order

    i think the home cart prices are getting to high. how would u like to pay $200 us for a home cart. well it wont happen if u keep buying them for $349 plus shipping. i think its time we get what we deserve for a decent price. as of now i am not buying slug 5 untill i feel that the price has been...
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    how many times have they re-released homecart games?

    like newer games not new old stock. i think they did it for metal slug 3 . what is the chance of it happening again?
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    how do i fix my aes cases

    the flaps around my fatal fury special are off. should i use black duct tape or hot glue? what shoiuld i do
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    i would like to see a poll for svc chaos on dreamcast

    the 2 options are yes i would buy it and no i wouldent
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    why are new aes games so expensive?

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    is a conversion a bootleg??

    i was lookin at some conversions on escam and remember all the stuff that has been said about bootlegs. how do i find out what is going on with the cart? is it the same poor quality as a bootleg?
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    im looking for kof 94 and King of Monsters 2

    Can someone help me? I don't like escam. If u have any other cheaper games pm me.
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    MVS noob

    how many slots should i get? pros and cons? i heard 6 is bad what kind of super gun should i get? i want a good picture.
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    matrax slugenoid?(spoilers)

    has any one seen the end of the matraix where the humans make thier last stand in the walking tanks? do they look like they were ripped off metal slug? they continue to fight even if the robots arms get blown off. it reminds me so much of the slugenoid. i dont know if its just me but i think...
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    i want to build my own arcade stick

    i want it to play a variety of systems , but i dont know where to start. :help:
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    4 in one game packs?

    i dont remember very well but i think i saw 4 in 1 game packs(up to 12) in sweaterfishes faq. do they sell these any where ? does any one have these?
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    delsol and oohanabi

    how are these games are they fun? if some one has these games please help me!!!!
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    import pocket games

    how do i tell if an import asia or japanese game has english language options on it?:eye:
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    Biomotor Unitron 2

    im thinkin about buying this from the neo store but i dont know if its in english. i dont know how good this game is ethier. someone help me!!!!!:help: :help: :help: oh and im going to buy it from the neo store.
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    ngpc mod

    is there a mod that will let me hook up my ngpc to my tv? kinda like u can with the sega nomad. or a laptop.
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    king of the monsters

    i was wandering why they showed the monsters guts on the character's data, it just looks like they x-rayed them or something. someone tell me what they think me on this urgent matter.:help: :mr_t:
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    why do my aes carts rattle when i shake them?

    i have metal slug 4 which i bought new it rattles and i have other used games which rattle as well.
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    phantom 1

    i heard u cant use the phantom 1 converters on older neos for some reason. my serial # is 015355 and i was wandering if i have the right kind of aes.
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    any one bought from... , , any other stores i should know about?
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    any one buy MS4?

    i just did and i can wait for it to get heree!:tickled: