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  1. Yagyu Jubei

    FF: MOTW Dreamcast boot issue

    To determine if you have disc rot, hold your disc up to a strong light with the shiny side facing toward you. If you see any tears, holes or light coming through the disc (other than through the spindle hole), then it's disc rot. Here's an example:
  2. Yagyu Jubei

    Aes Inserts

    I loves me some AES. But Jesus...the collectardism...
  3. Yagyu Jubei

    MOAR Neo Stuff for SALE: Price Drop MS2 kit, Added MVS Converter

    Sup Party People. Up for sale are various Neo Geo items. First dibs go to good, contributing members. I will add additional items for sale from time to time. Metal Slug 2 MVS Partial Kit. Replica Box, Move strip, some inserts, marquee, baggie. Serials removed. $55 Shipped CONUS +5...
  4. Yagyu Jubei

    3D printing Arcade and Neo items - Collecting Ideas!

    Very nice Pi casing! Have you done any other capsule-type toys? An SV001 would be awesome.
  5. Yagyu Jubei Official WTF NEO Auction Thread

    Best cart since...
  6. Yagyu Jubei

    Ganryu red blood

    Dood! You had that LD too? Was the import with the black and white cover? It's my definitive version of the film.
  7. Yagyu Jubei Official WTF NEO Auction Thread

    A grip of AES rares...from France.
  8. Yagyu Jubei

    Post Your Recent Purchases!

    Sweet deal from Buyee. Including eye-gouging fees, $248 EMS shipped.
  9. Yagyu Jubei

    Post Your Recent Purchases!

    From Amazon Japan. It may be a loose copy but it's the real deal!! Boards and sticker are legit. I went over this bad boy with a fine toothed comb. This will do nicely until a complete copy comes along.
  10. Yagyu Jubei

    20 Years of PULSTAR

    Pulstar is definitely more hardcore. But those graphics tho...
  11. Yagyu Jubei

    20 Years of PULSTAR

    Pulstar MVS released 8/28/95 Pulstar AES released 9/29/95 20 Years of Pulstar yo! Talk about anything you want about Pulstar here in commemoration of the legendary shmup that everyone (still) wants. My first memory of Pulstar is being so pissed off that I no longer had an AES to play it when...
  12. Yagyu Jubei

    *SOLD* English Metal Slug 1 MVS Full Kit Non-Matching Serials

    **SOLD $85 Shipped for forum reference** Thanks guys, more to come. --Yagyu Jubei Mitsuyoshi Purchased from Tomcat a few years back. I already have a holo copy so this is a duplicate that needs a good home. Non-matching serials, original label with some wrinkling. Original box has writing on...
  13. Yagyu Jubei

    MVS Holographic Labels

    This sounds about right. :lolz::lolz::lolz:
  14. Yagyu Jubei

    Is Bullet-Hell played out?

    Fuck yeah it is. Shmups used to be so awesome. I don't want to stare at a pixel hit box all day. They all look the same to me now. Just a bukkake of pink bullets.
  15. Yagyu Jubei

    Is NEO GEO the Art of Gaming?

    Since Day 1, Neo Geo was and always will be a luxury item. Just like collecting rare books, comics, fine art, Banksy prints, historical relics, cars. You name it. Not for the feint of heart. Just like famous art heists, there have been frauds, controversies, forgeries and reproductions in the...
  16. Yagyu Jubei

    Favorite Joystick to Play With

    Awight. Here's the bottom of the MAS Arcade Stick ...and the inside. Signed by Mr. Nguyen himself! The black cord on the top leads to the PS1/PS2 adapter which I usually have taped inside since only use this stick for my Neo setup.
  17. Yagyu Jubei

    Favorite Joystick to Play With

    My current set up has the MAS smoothness. Fighting moves are effortless. Rapid fire is the red button on top which owns the shooters!
  18. Yagyu Jubei

    Post a Pic of your CMVS, AES or Neo CD............

    My CMVS that I purchased from Arcadeshock a few years back...
  19. Yagyu Jubei

    All the names of the Metal Slug POWs?

    Has anyone found all the POWs in all the Metal Slug games? Even the hidden ones? I checked some older threads and even the Metal Slug wikis. I'm curious to know what all of their names are too...