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    Post Your Recent Purchases!

    Another shipment came in today, busy night ahead!
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    Post Your Recent Purchases!

    Got a couple of games in the mail last week
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    WTB Sonic Wings 2 AES

    I need to add a copy of Sonic Wings 2 or Aero Fighters 2 to my collection. Other games i might also look into in is Last blade, Nam and Magician Lord from the top of my mind. Drop me a line if you want to part with it, thanks
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    ### Post your PIC - Official Thread ###

    One casual clothing day, i do not like germs
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    Man dies of eating too much licorice

    Pretty much all local candy is made of licorice. So if i would want to eat myself to death this is one option html
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    Trump will win the 2020 election

    American writer by the name Roxane Gray is on the news in Iceland. Know nothing about her but she posted some interesting tweets:
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    Aquarium fishy

    I have a 100L tank on a stand with couple of tetras, mollies, cichlids and snails Tetras are probably easiest of the ones we have, then cichlids. Not familiar with any certain brand over the other one. Probably best to buy one with all included, heater, pump, filter. Would just at least...
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    Memory card AES/MVS

    What memory card would you guys recommend? get the original one or JGO from stoneagegamer. NeoSaveMasta looks good but seems like it is sold out and no news on new stock arriving
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    AES hot power supply

    My AES original power supply is running very hot. I am using a 230V converter to 110V which deliveres 100W. The power supply input is rated 19W, output is 10V 1A. Says on the bottom POW3 I am wondering if the Arcade converter is power hungry? Since i am running MVS games. Do you think the...
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    Post Your Recent Purchases!

    Mail delivery tonight, pretty happy with this! Know what i will do tonight
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    Japanese AES in PAL region

    Hi guys, I have a question for those living in Europe. I am buying a Japanese AES which runs on 60hz, and being in europe where we have 50hz it will probably run slower without any mods. Is 50/60hz switch needed or what have you guy's done/recommend Thanks
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    NEOSD PRO - The New Terranonion Neo Geo Product March 2018.

    What she does not know, doesn't hurt her
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    Hi from Iceland

    Hi there. Am a gamer and collector from Iceland. I have been wondering about getting Neo Geo for a while, and now i am going to do it. So any tips you wish you knew when you started the collection?