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  1. Lemony Vengeance

    Happy Birthday Lemony Vengeance

    Thank you all so much :D I needed to stop in to check an old thread of mine :D I really appreciate all the well wishes :)
  2. Lemony Vengeance

    PM me your phone number

    bro, a good dash mount is great for video calls. except the lot lizards are real... and really disgusting.
  3. Lemony Vengeance

    SOLD: KEF LS50 bookshelf speakers BNIB

    oh dang.. have seen you in a while man :D how the hell are ya?
  4. Lemony Vengeance

    Stick case/body roundup

    All my good sticks have either been donated or traded to people here. I'm still rocking a Madcatz TE and TE2 I modded some time ago, though. They're tough as nails. As for empty stick cases, TRFightstick makes great ones, but they're in turkey so expect shipping to be up there. You can also...
  5. Lemony Vengeance

    It can be dangerous to be black and a legal gun owner in America

    can confirm. also, for a gun-free zone, it sure as hell has a lot of them.
  6. Lemony Vengeance

    Good bye VBulletin -> Hello XenForo

    It's been years since I've been here, but I'm strangely happy the worst place on the internet is still standing, especially with its insane history. Thanks, @Mouse_Master and the rest of the mod team.
  7. Lemony Vengeance

    I'm sorry, I went to mars for second. but I'm back now (and I got T-shirts for everybody!)

    Hey guys. I know it's been a while since I've been here and joked around with you all. Nearly two years, to be honest. There are a few people here who know what's been going on and suggested that I get things in order before I start reaching out to goof off again, and now that things are FINALLY...
  8. Lemony Vengeance

    Heard any good jokes lately?

    How's everyone doing?
  9. Lemony Vengeance

    WTB: Killer Instinct 2 (preferably with CF mod)

    hey all, I'm looking for a KI 2 board, preferably with the CF mod already done. Lemme know if you have one, and what you want for it.
  10. Lemony Vengeance

    Metal Slug X

  11. Lemony Vengeance

    California Extreme 2017

    CAX was a blast, Many thanks to the people from here that were there: Lolifox, 300Wins, themisterfalcon, MasamuneGTO, Kid Panda, OokitarePanda, Loegan43, Caldwert, battlesmurf, Bigtime, Kaph33n, Alec, MikeMann, (TeddyKGB for an in home visit ;D), Codecrank, and anyone else I missed. :D Love yall...
  12. Lemony Vengeance

    California Extreme 2017

    Anyone Going? I'll be there so if you see some knob with a helmet and mask on, that's me. man, I hope they have that irritating maze cabinet again.. I'd love to get some more time on that, the air blowing mechanic was really cool.
  13. Lemony Vengeance

    Fighter meet in Nor Cal

    I did last year, and I plan on doing so this year as well. practically walked in and it was niiiiice :D. I'll be there again, and I'll look like this (on the left):
  14. Lemony Vengeance

    Helping a firend get a naomi Universal - info needed

    as the title states, a buddy of mine is looking into buying a Naomi universal and I have a question or two, namely: What chassis does the monitor use? I know that the euro models can use a sanwa OR a nanao 2932 chassis (both VGA only), but I'd like to get someone who has one in the US to...
  15. Lemony Vengeance

    Little Drummer Boy Challenge - 2016

    It's that time of year again, and with less than a week to go, it's time to get this out there. The Little Drummer Boy challenge consists of a month free from hearing the holiday song "The Little Drummer Boy", from the day after thanksgiving to Christmas day. You hear it, you're out. Winners...
  16. Lemony Vengeance

    RAFFLE for TWO NeoSaveMasta Memory Cards... WINNER... LEMONYVEGAN!

    Update on this! Turfy sent me the two cards and a Dog tag button! Thanks again, dude!
  17. Lemony Vengeance

    WTB: Two Sega Analog Arcade sticks

    I'm looking for two sega 610-6723-4C01 analog arcade sticks. these were used in the Zombie Revenge cabinet. I have a project I'm working on that probably won't appeal to most of you, but it's pretty neat nonetheless. Please let me know if you have some, and what you would like for them.
  18. Lemony Vengeance

    FS: PC ENGINE Core Grafx (RGB Modded), with accessories. $120 + shipping

    Hey all, I Have an RGB modded Core Grafx system with the following accessories: * EXT cover * Controller * Original AC adapter * Original Composite cable * RGB Cable Asking $120 + Shipping
  19. Lemony Vengeance

    WTB: PC ENGINE Duo (or -R or -RX)

    Want to buy a Duo. be it vanilla, R or RX if the price is right. RGB unmodded preferably, I can do that myself :D I have cash and I'm good to go. Hit me up.