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  1. TLKrauser

    KOF 2003 AES JAP real or not?

    Helle everybody, need help with this KOF 2003 AES game. What do you think about it? real one? i have a doubt because of hair on left upper corner at the back insert. in this one you can see a little strand of hair that we do not see on the copies currently on sale on ebay. Thank you for your...
  2. TLKrauser

    SamSho II Dedicated Neo Cab? Ever Seen One?

    seen in a greatbook, neogeo anthologie (in French). The slogan is in reference to wayne's word movie, and the people in front of the cab are programmers and two children of one of them. cab intended for the US market only in the beginning.
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  4. TLKrauser


    Hey everybody, the pirate parrot is among you. I live in France, 37 years old. SNK fan, small AES collector player, I come to discuss and learn more and more about the queen of video games! At home it's KOF on my candy cab or quiet session on the AES. Thank you for your welcome (and sorry for...