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    NEO-G0 chip found on AES MVS 1/2/4 slot

    I am looking for a custom neo-geo chip 'NEO-G0' found on AES consoles and later model 2/4 slots mvs boards. Edit: The G0 chip seems to be used on large slot 1 models MV1T/MV1-1 too.
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    Anyone got a MVC cps2 board?

    I am trying to repair a Marvel Vs Capcom board I got ages ago, the battery leaked and took out half the traces on the board. I saved the eproms, mask roms and case for when I got another mainboard. Well I've got a replacement main board but I didn't make a note of the soldered jumper settings or...
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    Unknown game, boot?.

    Could anyone tell me what game this is? and if it's bootleg?. It's not working and I am pretty sure it's bootleg as it uses eproms and the label isn't on hardmvs. Will take a bigger picture and pcb pics if required. TIA Ace`.
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    MV-1FZ Video Ram Error

    I have searched the forum and found lots of info about video ram errors but it all seems to refer to 2, 4 and 6 slot motherboards. Can anyone point me in the right direction for which ram(s) to replace on a 1 slot MV-1FZ with the following error Video Ram Error Address 00000000 Write 5555...
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    WTB: Naomi GDROM Drive (Faulty/Broken).

    Does anyone have any Naomi GDROM drive(s) for sale? I'd prefer untested/faulty/broken. I could also do with a link cable for the gdrom > dimm board and gdrom power cable. :help: Cheers Ace.
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    Neo Geo 4-Slot getting into the test menu?.

    Is there a dipswitch / test button on 4 slot motherboards?. I got a dedicated 4 slot machine recently and I want to get into the test menu to fix the colour on the monitor. The board is really hard to get to but I had a quick look and couldn't see any switches. I am going to have to solder a...
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    WTD: HOTD 2 rom board.

    Does anyone have a House of The Dead 2 Naomi rom board for sale?. Ace.
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    FS: JAMMA Boards Simpsons, CPS2 Xmen, SF2T Pheonix'd

    CPS2 (EURO/USA/JAP) Motherboard with the two metal connectors All gone. Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo X (Blue) Pheonix Edition (no battery) X-Men COTA (Blue) Pheonix Edition (no battery)...
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    Anyone with a Rayforce / Gunlock pcb please help.

    I have a Gunlock board with a missing PAL could anyone with this board please look at the socketed chip near the edge connector shown here and tell me what it says. Also I could do with the rating of the two capacitors on the rom board (one in each...
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    FT: Super Sidekicks 3 (JAP) with mini marquee

    For trade Super Sidekicks 3 Jap label with writing on it, comes with mini marquee with small crease. Main wants are, Metal Slug 5 Neo Bomberman Shocktroopers 2 King of Monsters May consider other mvs titles. Ace.
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    42pin mask rom pinout?

    Does anyone know the pinout / eprom equivalent to the 42pin mark roms used in most (all?) games labeled tc5364205. I have a Metal Slug 3 with at least one bad mask rom, I have desoldered them to check them in my eprom programmer. But tc5364205 isn't listed and I dont know what to select I am...
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    FS: Super Street Fighter II (CPS2) Pheonix'd Ace.
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    MVS carts for sale (UK).

    World Heroes - $16 Tecmo World Soccer '96 - $32 Baseball Stars Professional - $28 Art of Fighting - $14 Art of Fighting 2 - $18 Samurai Shodown 4 (Japanese) - $36 Prices do not include postage, pm me for postage quotes, questions, more pics etc. I accept paypal, cheque (if you're in the UK) and...
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    Cab restore, removing paint from vinyl side art

    Has anyone removed paint from vinyl side art before?. It is quite thick but I do not want to use anything too strong as it might damage the artwork underneath. I have heard people say 3m safety stripper is good but as we don't get that in the UK it isn't an option (unless someone in the states...
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    Two non working MVS carts.

    I have two MVS cartridges that do not work properly. The first is Metal Slug 3 which I have had for a while which no matter how much I clean the contacts it still gives graphics errors. The second is a Samurai Shodown which will not load at all (crashes), it has been opened at some point (ripped...
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    Backup ram error on a 2 slot mvs please help.

    As subject I have a 2 slot mvs motherboard that comes up with error, Backup Ram Region Address - 00D00010 WR - 5555 RE - B240 Even using raz's universal bios I am unable to load any games. Now I am pretty sure this due to one of the surface mount rams but which one exactly?. Also I already...
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    WTD: Cheap loose MVS carts.

    Looking for some cheap loose MVS carts they must be fully working and in english, not bothered about condition. I may even consider bootlegs if the price is right. Must be willing to ship to England. I am after the following, King of Monsters Metal Slug - Got Puzzle Bobble - Got Samurai Shodown...
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    Anyone with a Tekken 2 jamma board? Help needed

    I just got a faulty Tekken 2 that has a surface mount cap missing from C5 on the large top board. Does anyone have a Tekken 2 they can check and tell me the rating? TIA. :)
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    Unable to post in the neo selling forum?

    I have sold a few items before on the forum without problem but now when I go to start a new topic I get "Ace, you do not have permission to access this page. This could be due to one of several reasons: blah blah". I thought it was because my post count is low but then I saw this...
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    Need help identifying some Jap Mega Drive games

    I have taken a picture of all the cases here. I know the ones that have the title written in english :D and I think the first one on the second row is Commando 2 / Mercs?. Apart from that I have no idea what the others are so any help would be very much appreciated. ;) Ace.