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  1. DavidG

    Neo PCB Adapter Idea

    I don't have one of these yet, but may get one down the road. I have no real need for one right now. I've been checking in the odd time on the mods and hacks for this device and seen the need for a simple SD adapter. The ideal solution is to have a SD card company make a special adapter. Since...
  2. DavidG

    MV1C - Memory Card Support

    I've been working on this, on and off, for some time now. I let the project go when I was certain that CD1 and CD2 were not located on the motherboard. I have completed a new mod which I confirmed just moments ago to be 100% working on the MV1C. I will be giving the information on this mod...
  3. DavidG

    A few MVS carts needed

    Here is a list of carts I am looking for: KOF 10th Anniversary Plus KOF 2002 Super KOF 2004 SE Extra Plus KOF 2004 Hero Special KOF 2005 Unique I or II Metal Slug 5 Plus
  4. DavidG

    WTB: KOF 10th Anniversary MVS cart

    Looking for one of these to test so it can be added to the list of support carts for the Daedalus converter.
  5. DavidG

    Aero Fighters 3 US Trade - Completed

    Previously, I had mentioned that I would give an update when the ongoing matter was over and done with. The image below speaks for itself. This game was returned to me a few weeks ago. The image above shows the game in mint condition and on today’s News Paper. This Aero Fighters 3 US...
  6. DavidG

    DavidG whining thread - why did he steal money from people? where did the money go?

    :lolz: God forbid you would ever think before you speak.
  7. DavidG

    Open offer to all owners of Aero Fighters 3 and Power Spikes II

    I have made many mistakes since coming back to the community and I’ve apologized for the mistakes I’ve made. I’ll admit that I haven’t made the best use of my time and didn’t diligently collect all the information, needed to show everyone, beforehand. I am not perfect... nobody is. But this...
  8. DavidG

    The Reveal

    The Source - The Reveal Part 1 Let me start off by introducing myself; my name is David Garrett, I’m 47 years old, I currently reside in Ontario Canada and I used to work for SNK. The purpose of this reveal is to set the record straight and answer the questions that most people have been...
  9. DavidG

    FS: Strikers 1945 Plus AES - Brand new!

    Been working my way through my game collections which are all in storage and found my original strikers 1945 by !Arcade!. I normally take more than one to collect and play. I will never part with my collection copy but I did find one that I never got around to playing. I don't recall the last...
  10. DavidG

    FS: Multigame 161-in-1 AES Limited Edition - Brand new!

    Like the title states this is for the LE AES version of this cart. This is a limited run cart, very few will be made. It's recommend to have a unibios installed for this cart however a normal bios will work. 159 of the 161 games work perfectly, the only two that will not start are CTHD...
  11. DavidG

    Memory Card add-on for MV1B and MV1C - 100% Done.

    I didn't think I would have time to work on this in 2011 but I spent a lot of time on it in the past few days. I'm currently working with a MV1B running a unibios 2.3. So far I have a fully working memory card proto board that I can move between systems - AES or MVS. For all AES and the 6, 4, 2...
  12. DavidG

    New Product - Daedalus NeoGeo Converter

    I'm proud to introduce today a new converter that has been in the works for a very long time: Daedalus! When I started this project it was to make a working converter but with some restrictions: - No need for a computer to take updates. - No need to adjust the timing of the device. - No...
  13. DavidG

    Phantom-1 Upgrade board v1.6 External Install - For P1 users.

    Here we have the final release of the upgrade board at version 1.6. Below are the steps to install this board on the outside of the converter. Step 1: Confirm if you have a ZMC2 or CMC version of the Phantom-1. Sadly !Arcade! made all colors with both chips so the only way to test for this is...
  14. DavidG

    Phantom-1 / Pranslation Upgrade Board v1.6

    This is the newest and final version of the board. I've made some minor changes to the Phantom-1 upgrade board since version 1.5. The main change would be it's size. With v1.5 the mounting hole was a little to close to the CPLD so the board was extended. Wire for wire both versions are the...
  15. DavidG

    FS: Multigame 161-in-1 AES Limited Edition - Brand new condition!

    Like the title states this is for the LE AES version of this cart. This is a limited run cart, very few will be made. It's recommend to have a unibios installed for this cart. 159 of the 161 games work perfectly, the only two that will not start are CTHD and CTHD Super Plus. Both CTHD...
  16. DavidG

    FS: SMVS2 Converter with Metal Slug X Fix - Blue LED

    I have one SMVS2 converter with blue led. I've applied the MSX fix to this converter so it will play Metal Slug X on any home system without problems. Looking for $200 firm plus shipping. The unit is fully working, comes in box with cd and screw driver. MSX cart not included ;).
  17. DavidG

    Wanted: Non-Working first gen 4 slot

    Looking for one for R&D not to repair. Looking for a first gen 4 slot which has a large number of LS74xx chips on the top board. Could also get away with just the bottom board if anyone has it.
  18. DavidG

    Pranslation Upgrade Board Install Guide

    Here is a complete list of what you have to do in order to get your Pranslation to fully work. This will be a long job so make sure you have an hour or two before you begin. First you must do the basic mod which will bring the converter to 95%. Here is a list of what you must connect. Program...
  19. DavidG

    Strikers 1945 - AES - Mint

    In the middle of a new project which at this point everyone should have seen by now. Still need some funds to finish it off. As I said before with Prehistoric Isle 2 I would list this cart for sale. The game is new however the snap lock case has a few marks on the clear plastic from being...
  20. DavidG

    Metal Slug X Fix for 9v-12v Neo's - All converters

    I do most of my work on 5v first gen neo systems so I never knew about this issue until now. On all 9v or higher NeoGeo home systems Metal Slug X with all converters will not boot. Some will show a blue screen, others will show a black screen with a flashing white line. This fix will work for...