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    RGB mod news

    just to let you know that I will be picking my RGB bypass-modded AES from Raven Games (London) in a few days am usually way too busy to do the mod myself, and have the fear when it comes to sending my machine across national boundaries etc, so decided to pay through the nose - hell at least...
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    RGB MOD - Help Needed

    Can anyone please help me? I want to modify my Japanese AES (late serial no and therefore poor RGB output), so that it's RGB output is taken straight from the source thereby cutting out the filtering/monkey on output signal's back syndrome etc. I'm told this will give me a top quality picture...
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    hello and RGB-out upgrade

    I'm a nooB here, so hi to everyone! Great forum and site. I would like to improve the picture quality outputted from my Jap AES console, and am looking to find out more on the RGB upgrades I hear about from time to time. Raven Games in the UK offer this service (albeit at a very high price)...