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    FS/FT Xbox 360 arcade sticks, games

    These aren't getting used here, would like to see them find a better home. 1) Madcatz Street Fighter IV Tournament Edition for the Xbox 360 (used once or twice, looks new, still has the box). All working. - (traded in at Amazon) 2) Tekken 6 wireless stick pack for the Xbox 360 (I'll include...
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    Burnout Paradise - 6-7 10pm Eastern/US on Xbox 360 - All DLC

    Seeing the trailers and gameplay demo for the new Need for Speed made me want to visit Paradise City... Going to host at least a couple of hours on Burnout Paradise tomorrow night, 6-7 starting at 10pm Eastern. Anybody interesting in joining, hit me up. We'll run races, stunts, various fun...
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    Red Faction Guerrilla PC Steam code

    Used. Post a reply if you use it. I bought the newest one on D2D and they gave me a code for the last one. I already have it, though.
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    Killzone 3 Retro map pack code

    Killzone 3 Retro map pack: DDDQ-QAN4-2LFG Post here if you claim the code, please.
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    Anyone need a Killzone 3 retro map pack code?

    Gone, sorry!
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    Tony Hawk Shred

    Anyone try this out yet? I can't seem to find much info. I didn't mind The Ride, but never really played it much. If anyone has tried it... Is the skateboard controller the same as the last one, or should I just buy the new pack?
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    FS: Xbox 360 games (Skate 3, Transformers WFC, Battlefield Bad Company 2, etc

    Been on a roll, finishing up some games. Here's some I'm looking to get rid of, prices are as shipped in the USA. Everything is like new, since I bought em new and all. (Nevermind, saw the DLC, decided to keep it) Skate 3 - $35 (I put it on ebay )Record of Agarest War (with soundtrack) - $38...
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    Wanted: Someone to flash my Xbox 360's DVD Drive firmware

    Anyone out there doing this kind of thing? Have a Liteon drive in mine.
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    Modding Xbox 360?

    I am out of the loop, what can you do with a modded 360? I might want to have one modded. Or might buy a pre-modded system. Have dealt with quite a few people here, figured it was a good place to ask. My search on Google only confused me.
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    In defense of Project 5/10 Dollar (EA and THQ)

    Having played some Halo 3 Team Swat last night, I came to the conclusion that every game publisher needs to come up with their own paid online play (ala EA and THQ). EA recently started including vouchers for free online play with their new sports games, and THQ did the same with UFC 2010. So...
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    FS: Bioshock 2 Xbox 360

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    Old School Rainbow Six Vegas - Xbox 360 - Tonight, around 12 am Eastern US time

    Anyone up for some old school Rainbow Six Vegas? Will start hosting a lobby around 12 am Eastern US time, and will probably play around all night. Join me! Add K04 Passat, and the invites will fly around 12 am Eastern US.
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    WTB: Resident Evil 5 Xbox 360

    Update: I've probably found my copy, from bulletnyourass. I'd sold my copy, need another one. Looking for a complete regular edition copy. Or a collector's edition, if the price is right. Not looking for Gold, as I've already downloaded the content. Shoot me your best offer, if you have one.
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    WTB: Cross Edge PS3

    Update: Nevermind, broke down and bought a copy on Ebay. I've looked for Cross Edge on PS3, since it released. Never have ran across it. Anyone have one for sale?
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    US in recession, curious as to how the folks on here are faring

    I didn't want to start a dialog on a major social site, as I have co-workers and such on Facebook. I'm just curious, how are things? I'll share my tale, as well. I have worked in the technical department at a stainless steel mill for several years. In October of 2008, said company started...
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    MAG rollcall

    I'll be on MAG a lot. PSN ID: mustangkilla
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    Is Dazz_Kyo a time waster?

    I couldn't have been more wrong. I honestly wish I could edit the title or have the thread deleted.
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    WTB: Darksiders and Bayonetta (Xbox 360)

    Anybody finish up these games yet? PM me your best price, I'm looking for something new to play.
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    Borderlands: Mad Moxxi's Underdome Riot (Avolid at all costs)

    Seriously, this is about the worst DLC that I've played. I'm big on this stuff, I love the game extending DLC of games like Burnout Paradise, Rainbow Six Vegas 2, Forza 3, Halo 3, etc. This though? What the hell... To start with, it probably took me 10 hours to finish it, and not 1 hour of it...
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    FS: US Resident Evil 5 Elite Xbox 360 package

    *pending payment, nothing to see here* There is no sense in me having 4 of these damn things. Here's what I'm offering up. Boxed Resident Evil 5 limited edition (red) system. Will come complete with everything except the actual Resident Evil game, since I'm still playing it. Has: 120 gig...