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    WTB: Bust-a-Move MVS

    Looking for a original BTM. It has to have the number "083" on it's roms. A (original) label with "Bust-a-Move" instead of "Puzzle Bobble" would be nice, too. Flyers and box is not necessary. Please PM me! Cheers Large
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    League Bowling, NGH

    I'm looking for League Bowling, complete, Dogtag version. Please pm me with offers. Cheers Large
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    Crystal System

    Is somebody here using a Crystal System with stereo sound? If yes: How do you do this? As written in the manual, sound has to be on pin 9 and 10, right? But I get no signal at pin 9! I have got two boards, so it should not be a board problem. Thanks in advance for your help! Regards Large
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    Are there any good video game stores in Los Angeles?

    If yes, please let me know the name, address and what kind of games they have. Preowned games would be fine. I only know the eb at Santa Monica Bld. Thanks a lot for your help Large
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    BANG BEAD: How can I unlock...

    ... the two hidden characters in Bang Bead? Just play throught the game with all chars did not work. Do I have to win every round not only every match? Or has it to do something with using continues? Or the use of the memory card? Please help! Regards Large [ December 18, 2002: Message...
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    Want to complete your collection? Pop 'n Bounce on Ebay

    I sell an original Pop 'n Bounce with serial number and hologram-sticker on Ebay. It's not expensive. You know it's really hard to find and one of the rarest MVS games ever. Have fun! Regards Large [ September 29, 2002: Message edited by: Large ]</p>
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    Prehistoric Isle 2

    Hi there! I am interested in your highscores in this shooting game and need sone help. Are there any hidden secrets in the game? I ask because the score-counter is much bigger than my actual highscore (and I finished the game with 1 credit). Please let me know everything you can tell! Thanks...
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    @ owners of Strikers 1945+ or !Arcade! or Shawn

    Hi! I am interested in what difficulty level is preset in the Strikes-AES-conversion. Is it level 4 (MVS)? Please let me know! Large
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    NAM 1975

    Hi there! Two questions today for my favorite NAM 1975: 1. Does someone know how to get this golden 10.000 points-item in every game, that is appearing sometimes? 2. Are the suprise-bosses really coming by chance or is there a way to manipulate the appearance? Thanks for your help! Large
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    *** Blazing Star ***... professional help needed

    Does someone of you know how to reproduce this vertical lines with blue bonus items that are appearing sometimes in level 2 (single line) and 4 (double line) and maybe in other levels, too? It drives me crazy, because they are only coming to the screen sometimes... please help me! I need the...
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    Inserts showcase :)

    Because everybody is showing it's inserts, how do you like mine? <IMG SRC="smilies/smile.gif" border="0">
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    Some time ago, somebody posted a link here of a website with a lot of scans of Neo-Geo-game-covers. Does anyone remember the url? I am looking for an MetalSlug-coverscan. Thanks Large
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    Where can I get a NGH-insert of...

    ..."Puzzle de Pon!"? Can somebody tell me a url where I can download a good one, please? Large