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    This guy married his dead girlfriend Hope there was no honeymoon.
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    Castlevania: Harmony of Despair, finally on psn

    Finally! Though people with a 360 must be tired of playing it by now... Anyone else gonna get it?
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    N-G Chat

    Is it just me or did chat here stop working?
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    Bones, season 6 starts today!

    Anyone keeping track of it? Yes? No? Not worth your time?
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    Miss Universe 2010

    So Miss Mexico was crowned Miss Universe....Hell yeah! I think Miss Jamaica was 2nd. Does anyone care about this?
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    Can I get my name changed back to Yue (moon) or just cut to Yue?

    Can I? I've had the butt or whatever it is on it for a while....
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    Happy Birthday KagerouSama!

    Happy birthday! I know it's a few hours early, but I might not be around the time it happens. Plus I wanted to make the thread for it lol. Happy 26th! That's a very nice age I tell you!
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    This is strange but.....does anyone play Dance Dance Revolution?

    Do you? Or have you ever? I DDR pretty often.....:emb:
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    Original vs Cover thread! (music)

    I thought it'd be nice to compare covers to originals and go ahead and post the ones you know of and what you think. I'll start with these two... Careless Whisper George Michael Seether
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    Cheapness and how to deal with it. KOF XII

    I played yesterday and there were some cheap bastards playing. Some person would just try to knee me all the time with Joe and if he was close enough he'd just slide at me. It was annoying as hell and it's hard to time when to dodge if the game lags. Another annoying thing was people dashing...
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    What's your fav team to use in KOF XII?

    What's your fav. team to use in KOF XII? Or team you plan to use? I haven't played yet, but I intend to use the usual Terry, Benimaru and Ash/ Iori. They worked well for me in XI, so I hope it'll be the same in XII.
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    User name for the PS3 or 360

    So what's your username for the PS3 or 360? I have a PS3 and the username I use is...Some_Nachos. I did that so when I play Call of Duty against people online, they get killed by Some_Nachos, or they can kill Some_Nachos too. Yes, my username is stupid, but it's good for its purposes :glee:
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    This might be a stupid question

    Ok, this might be a really stupid question, but I need to know. Can US consoles play games from Europe? Sometimes there're games released in Europe but not in the US, and I remembered that games from Japan don't work in a US console unless you put a chip in it or something...So I was wondering...
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    Manga! Read any?

    Manga is pretty good stuff, I like to read manga from an anime I've seen, since they tend to go further into the story or in a different direction. I've been reading Gantz, Bleach, Naruto, Skip Beat, Vampire Knight....and many others lol. So who reads manga and which series?
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    Things KOF characters would never say....(Just for fun!)

    Ok...You can all tell that I'm bored since I've been posting so much (sorry for bumping up that other topic....just had something to say about it ok?) Anyway time to have some fun! Here are some things certain KOF characters would never say.. Tizoc: BIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIRRRDDD MAN! Ash...