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    Damn, chat room has died :(

    hoping it be fixable....
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    Favor to ask future neo developers

    There is more to life than fighters and SCHMUPS.
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    New proposal for Neo Geo

    One problem has always been cost which has held down a big push of developments. PROPOSAL: A knowledge hardware and software bank. HARDWARE: Development book released. Linchpin of developments for all. PCBS: am hoping to find more schematics to release. some already around here and there...
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    Pictures from Romstar and SNK Enjoy!
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    Old memory resurfaces, the Neo mini

    Don't think I ever mentioned this one before. A chat thing someone said about a neo candy brought back this memory, my final unfinished side project at SNK. We brought in a Neo Mini. Never heard of this unit? It was a tabletop CRANE machine. Not video at all...
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    We havemade it to :D$650-more-in-90s-The-Neo-Geo-returns-with-a-portable-unit-TV-dock-controller-20-games-for-$200
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    Gift and project for Neo Geo hardware hacker types

    I had mentioned that while at SNK I had designed a steering wheel addition to the Neo Geo to play some serious Thrash Rally. This was shown at some trade shows but did not garner enough attention to warrant manufacture, sadly. And so I present to you the schematic for making it yourself...
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    Open letter to Dion and ChrisR.

    The tipping point came tonight with Chris's comment in a thread which struck me as quite vicious, in a way that many vicious people I know will do. I then went to looking back and asked advice. I looked and saw a picture I did not like at all. I realize now I was being played for a fool. The...
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    Prototype PCB auction madness from Tony's collection

    Pipi & Bibis Kageki Virtual Combat Ghosts & Goblins Help a cancer...
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    Tiny RAM guide

    Was asked on this one, so it goes public and can help in figuring out RAM errors. The basics are that the read and write and address tell all. The 0000 upwards is the base ram. stack, variables. I think 400000 is where the grasphics ram begins. Also using 43256s. The 8000 ram is the fast...
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    Wish me luck, gang.

    had not posted so much in the tech side of things, it has been busy. But with good reason. Stage 4 cancer. Prognosis is pretty good, though so I am super hopeful. Right kidney removal 3 days from now, then chemo for my lungs. Should be an interesting time. will be hopefully posting aftwards...
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    FOR SALE: SF Rush Sitdown arcade game

    Used condition, TV burned, rest of game works fine. $500 OBO. You pick up in Orange County, CA.
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    Neo Geo developer cartridge for sale

    I decided to sell this as I do not foresee developing any Neo Geo games in the forseeable future. Price is $5,000 firm. Comes with instruction manual. Buyer agrees that contents of manual cannot be posted publicly but is usable with the cartridge. Am preferring to do sale in person in Southern...
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    MVS1 cabinets for sale.

    A friend of mine has a route with a lot of Neo Geo cabinets for sale. $200 each and comes with the game of your choice. Games and cabinets work. Contact me to contact him.
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    K, dumb but hard arcade game trivia

    Everyone loves knowing the processors that run their games. The Neo Geo using the 68000 and Z80. The much older black and white videogames like Pong did not use a microprocessor in any form. Now the question is: name the only COLOR arcade game that did not use a microprocessor in any form...
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    loegan43: a GOOD buyer

    Had sold 2 trivias to him. Good communication and it was my decision for him to meet me at my job during lunch hour. Would happilly sell to him again.If someone can tell me how to add a thumbs up rating to his iTrader thing, please let me know. I never used it before, thanks!
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    some arcade boards for sale.

    still cleaning up, lets see how this goes. bottom of the 9th, konami $30 chicken crossing (konami redemption) $25 relief pitcher $35 pool table controller for dynamo pool table $10 pipe dream...
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    THE world's rarest arcade game.

    As of right now, it is considered that only one still exists on earth. Cybertank. Friend helped me get it out of storage so it will go to MAME. Just thought to share the pix. The motherboard is also the largest in the industry... Tony. (Yup, sorry for being away so long, insanely busy is in my...
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    Anyone else into Alternate Reality Gaming?

    just curious. Working on one, was a Beekeeper and in Synagoga and a PM for Tranquil Valley.