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  1. TheBigBB

    Halo 5: Guardians

    I love the Halo franchise. I've spent the past two months playing The Master Chief Collection every night. I don't care what the haters say, I've had a blast trying to earn every achievement and post good scores to the leaderboards. My love for the series is tied to this forum because back when...
  2. TheBigBB

    Blizzard's Team Fortress Clone: Overwatch They revealed this today at Blizzcon. I love the idea of a Team Fortress game where you have a large selection of comic-book style characters with very unique abilities. It'll be tough for them to balance it, but I loved the gameplay footage that they showed...
  3. TheBigBB

    ### Post your PIC - Official Thread ###

    My wife and I just had this little guy a month ago.
  4. TheBigBB

    Got any pics of yourself playing games as a kid?

    I'm guessing this was taken in 1989 when I was around 8. We had the NES for a couple years at this point. Too bad you can't see what I'm playing. My guess is Lode Runner. EDIT: I just noticed that's the box for Donkey Kong Classics sitting on the bed. I was probably playing THAT. This game was...
  5. TheBigBB

    Any fans of the Tales series here?

    I've been obsessed with Tales games lately; have put about 200 hours into various Tales games over the past month or two. Does anyone else here play these games? I didn't notice any threads about it when Tales of Xillia 2 came out last month. Of course, Xillia 2 has a ridiculous amount of...
  6. TheBigBB

    FS: Professionally modded boxed platinum Nintendo Gamecube Shikigami no Shiro II + more

    I don't remember where I bought this because it was so long ago, but you might be able to figure it out from the "guarantee" sticker on the back. Basically like 11 years ago I was annoyed at having to do disc swapping to play a couple Japanese games I owned, so I bought this thing, and then...
  7. TheBigBB

    Favorite game consoles

    I'm curious what people here would rank their favorite game consoles. Maybe some of the choices are going to be obvious; I'd still like to see what people think. I'll list ten, but I'm not going to tell anyone how many to list. If you want to rank every system ever, go right ahead. If you make a...
  8. TheBigBB

    Any Panzer Dragoon fans try Crimson Dragon yet?

    I got a XB1 as a Christmas gift, so one of the games I decided to get was Crimson Dragon, which is a $20 download developed by the guy responsible for Panzer Dragoon. I just got to spend a couple hours with it and, while the controls took some getting used to, it seems like a pretty decent game...
  9. TheBigBB

    So, I got a real e-drum set!

    I got into drumming from playing video games, so I finally got a real drum kit from buying components over the past few months and just selling and re-buying until I was 100% satisfied with my kit. Here is the final product. These are mesh-head e-drums, so they're quiet enough to play in an...
  10. TheBigBB

    Shadow: War Of Succession on the 3DO: The worst fighting game ever. (with Videos)

    So my friend and I discovered this game when it was new, and made videos of it about 7 years ago, which I finally stumbled across today. If you've never seen this game, prepare to be amazed: Intro: Gameplay 1:
  11. TheBigBB

    Dreamcast Bundle on eBay

    Dreamcast: This is a really nice bundle if I do say so myself! I'm pretty confident this is worth at least the bid price. If it's not sold on eBay feel free to contact me about it. I did get a bidder at $150 but I had to cancel...
  12. TheBigBB

    Amazon trade-ins offering a good deal until 6/27

    I just noticed this today. If you go to the video games page on Amazon, you'll see a trade-in deal where if you trade-in $75 worth of games, you get an additional $75 to spend on a new console. If you want to buy a new console, this is one of the better deals you can find, and it's pretty easy...
  13. TheBigBB

    Sambe De Amigo Dreamcast USA + Maracas

    These are in great shape. We never played it that much. My eBay name is dmhawkmoon for more references. I'm asking $70 shipped within the USA (USPS priority with confirmation). I'd prefer to ship within the country, but of course I'll make exceptions if need be.
  14. TheBigBB

    Neo Supergun/AES package

    I am selling a huge amount of games here: Part of this sale is Neo-Geo games Nothing has been officially priced yet, however I will price it with the day for you if anyone is interested. Highly prefer to sell my stuff as a...
  15. TheBigBB

    GIGANTIC game sale (thread is a work in progress)

    UPDATE: A large amount of this stuff is pending to be sold. I will update this again once the dust settles. Thanks for your patience! Hey guys. I moved out recently and I have no room or time to play all my old gaming stuff. Therefore I am selling most of it. I am just keeping most of my...
  16. TheBigBB

    Wow, give it up already!

    I got one of those "HAVE YOU SEEN ME?" cards in the mail today. It features a girl who went missing on 5/11/79 at age 16. She would be 43 years old if she was still alive! Why are they still looking for this person? It's one thing when a baby is abducted, they sometimes find those people ten...
  17. TheBigBB

    Need help with MLB 2K games

    I just got MLB2K6 on the 360 on rental from Gamefly. I haven't played a baseball game since Neo-Geo's Baseball Stars. I have no manual and no online FAQ. I can't even figure out how to swing. I move the right stick and my guy sometimes moves his bat. :-( Anyone play these games who can explain...
  18. TheBigBB

    SOTN released on XBLA!

    Only 800 points too. I was expecting them to hike it up to 1200 or something. Seems to me that XBLA is really stepping it up with the good releases in the last month. There are leaderboards for a whole bunch of things that rank you based on completion times and boss time attacks. I'm not sure...
  19. TheBigBB

    TMNT original arcade game out today for XBLA

    As had been predicted on the forum a few weeks back, the game did indeed release for XBLA and it's out today. It seems to be a fully intact version of the arcade, although I am no expert. Loved this game as a kid, although it hasn't necessarily aged well. For only 400MS points (around $4) it's...