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  1. wataru330

    Guilty Gear: Strive

    Who’s playing? What do you think? I miss insta kills- and it’s kinda dumbed down for casuals; however, it’s pretty as all get out. fancy a match? PSN: chow_yun_skinny
  2. wataru330

    May 2021 SotM: Viper Phase 1 New Edition

    __________ 3 lives, Normal difficulty. Internal autofire adjustment (New Version) and external autofire are both allowed. Please note what total autofire settings you've used. New Version is a very different version of the game. Non-Japan boards loop, so those are being split as well. "USA...
  3. wataru330

    SotM May 2021 vote thread!

    Sorry for the delay on this-fast & loose, Here We Goooooooo *ive no idea how to make a poll in the new forum format. Any assistance is appreciated!* Choice 1) Turbo Force! Car pew pew, no racey. Old version, because that is what pcb I have, and what has been dumped to mame. Choice 2) Viper...
  4. wataru330

    Like Macross? Hate Harmony Gold? You gonna *love* THIS!
  5. wataru330

    WTB or TF: Hyper64 Sam Sho 1.

    Howdy, full kit...cart only...however you have it; I’m interested. lots of trade bait, or if you prefer dough, I’ve got PayPal ready. Please and thanks!
  6. wataru330

    OverTop MVS=Cars won’t steer

    I’ve never had a neo game do this before. See attached video. Anyone else have such a thing occur? If did you sort it out? Thanks for reading!
  7. wataru330

    Please bring back Tapatalk support

  8. wataru330

    Tapatalk support borked?

    All morning, when viewing the forums thru the tapatalk app, it would ask me to log in. This never has happened to me before, and was annoying. I uninstalled then, re-installed tapatalk. The Forums is gone from my tapatalk groups, and doesn’t come up when searching tapatalk...
  9. wataru330

    WTB: Tatsunoko v Capcom Arcade

    Full Kit preferred, board only is fine. A Blast/Net City shaped Marquee would be icing on the cake. Thanks for reading!
  10. wataru330

    Elf on a Shelf 2020

    Let’s see the latest set ups! After 10 years of doing this, my well is starting to run a little dry. My wife came through in the clutch for the inaugural Dolly the Elf visit this year: Face shield, mask, and a ppe gift for the fam...
  11. wataru330

    Attempted to purchase from the Neo-Store...

    ...and I got one of these: (901) phone number on the Neo-Store page rings to a full voice mail message. Would love to talk to someone, give my item numbers, and be sent a PayPal invoice. Thanks!
  12. wataru330

    WTB: OverTop, Any KoF, and either of the Shock Troopers games on MVS

    Ayo, Wanting to round out my 4 slot rotation. Loose, partial, or full...I’ll take it how ya got it. Thanks for reading!
  13. wataru330

    WTB: Ultimate Muscle GameCube

    Interested in US version, CIB. Disc only is ok also. Thanks for reading!
  14. wataru330

    WTB: Big Bang/Thunder Dragon 2 jamma

    King of Air just ain’t cutting it. Would like the real deal. Please and thanks!
  15. wataru330

    The greatest fighting game of this generation, is only $10 bucks-until July 22. Get on it!

    Fighting EX LAYER!!!
  16. wataru330

    Kyosho Mini•Z R/C thread

    Any body else dig these? Let’s talk! Tracks, builds, body, cars from all eras...what are you running? Any recent pick ups? ...aaaaaannnnnnddddd... GO!
  17. wataru330


    Just yesterday, some parents and I were talking about getting kids together in groups under ten people, hoping to not be hermits during this. Nope. No more snow day mentality. If we are going to go through all of this-hopefully, we only go through it *once*. It’s only going to work if we...
  18. wataru330

    WTB: SamSho 1: Hyper 64

    Cart only is fine, wouldn’t turn down kit bits, if that’s how you have it. Thanks!!
  19. wataru330

    WTB: System32 Racers

    -Rad Mobile -Rad Racer -Sega F1 Super Lap -OutRunners Boards, and or a System32 stand up driver cab. Please and thank you!