Anyone here collect toys/Action Firgures?


Mai's Stalker
Mar 22, 2016
ive got some figures on ebay. I dont do auctions, I just do buy it nows with high prices and offers turned on. Im not hurting to sell these things anyway. Theyve been sitting in my closet for like 10 years or some shit. I haven't used ebay in a while except for the last few months.

I have 17 ads up right now. Of those 17, I got a message that a buyer wanted to buy 13 of em. Asked for a deal. So if I were to sell them for the prices I have listed, it would be about $465 total.

Shipping 13 carded figures isn't gonna be simple and its not gonna cost $10, so I figured I'll give him like 1 for free, plus shipping. I offer the guy $450 shipped in the cont-US.

Guy comes back and says "Oh, I could do $200 shipped. Im looking for the best price."


So I picked the figures that would equal about $160, and told him I could do those for $200 shipped. Guy comes back and says "no i meant for the whole lot."

My response: "Yeah, I know you did."