Darksoft for Dummies (like me) and CPS3 mod. NOOBS ONLY!! Don't bust our balls ;)


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Jul 3, 2012
So, you've heard the exciting news about "Darksoft" and "SuperBios" and further decided to take the leap of immortalizing your CPS3 security cart but don't quite understand what the hell is being done to it...and for that matter what the hell the "SuperBios" is/does.

Well, here's a video from Darksoft himself explaining in some detail how/what needs replaced for immortalization. Also, is a video from Mitsurugi-W showing how the SuperBios works.

I found this information extremely useful as a relative newcomer to the CPS3 hardware immortalization developments.

Huge thanks to both Darksoft and Mitsurugi-W for making this possible for us all now!!

Darksoft64 explaining the security cart:


Mitsurugi-W explaining the SuperBios:


I am in the process of having Mitsurugi-W mod my carts as we speak, he can also replace batteries in your CPS3 carts that you want to keep original.

If you are interested in having this done, I highly recommend contacting Mitsurugi-W if you are interested. I did so and he held my hand through the process and showed the utmost amount of patience with my lack of knowledge on recent developments.


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Aug 24, 2000
I just saw this post. It was my pleasure holding your hand through the process. I have just now lost my erection. Thanks for that. I am more than happy to answer any questions anyone may have on this topic. I have other CPS3 videos in my youtube channel you can check out also.