FS/FT Arcade stuff: Naomi, Capcom I/O, MVS, STV, MAS stick

Amano Jacu

Charles Barkley
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Sep 11, 2001
I have decided to trim down a bit my arcade collection. I'm listing here all the stuff I don't need/want anymore. I am more interested in trades due to the "rare" nature of some of this stuff, the strong € and high shipping costs of this heavy items. That's why some stuff don't have a price on it, but if you want something and don't have anything for trade shoot me an offer or ask for a selling price (I accept paypal), include your country to calculate shipping costs.

The things that interest me the most are:

-Naomi stuff, specially a Naomi 2 mobo (with VF4 Evo cart if possible), a GD-Rom drive + DIMM, and games.

-Atomiswave games, specially Rumble Fish 2 and (dreams) Fist of the North Star.

-MVS and STV games.

-AES games such as Fatal Fury Special, KOF 95&98...

-Import PS2 arcade (fighting and shooter) games such as Mushihimesama, Samurai Tenkaichi, etc.

The things up for grabs:

MVS games:


Super Sidekicks U11
Super Sidekicks 2
Kabuki Klash
Art of Fighting 3
Kizuna Encounter

(games not listed are already sold)

I also have a MV1A mobo with unibios 2.2 I can include if needed (pictured on request).

STV games:


Dynamite Deka (Die Hard Arcade)
Virtua Fighter Kids
Winter Heat
Astra Super Stars
Cotton 2

(last 2 games not pictured, I'll do a pic if you want)

Hyper Neo Geo 64


This is a rev1 only compatible with the two Samurai games



Capcom I/O with cables (190$ shipped anywhere)

Gundam VS Zeon with photocopied manual and art.

Zombie Revenge bare cart

(games pictured on request)

If interested, I might be able to include a naomi 1 mobo with this, and even a VHSgun with a PC AT power supply that will work with this, using standar neo geo controllers. But this is conditioned to me getting a naomi2 mobo.

MAS stick


More info here: http://www.massystems.com/ProStick.html

It has a PS2 cable and includes the xbox adaptor. Very good condition. I added a DB15 cable to it to make it compatible with Neo Geo and superguns following that pin-out, but I can remove it if needed.
Due to the shipping costs, I'm not sending this back to the USA, it wouldn't be worth it for you. Just Europe.