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Pleasure Goal
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Feb 28, 2013
Can you clarify the differences in game play between the Nighstalker where the dude is showing his butt on the cover vs the one with the robots?


Ukyo's Doctor
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Oct 30, 2003
Offer Update:
Comrade Mikhail - 50 Discs of quality pr0n. Tempting. Are these homemade discs or "professionally" produced discs. I'm seeing a Red Paperclip scenario for me here.

Coleridge - While the one with his butt showing is nice, the preferred version is robots. As you can see from the cover screenshots, the robots are about a foot taller and the bats a much smaller, thus bringing the robot-to-bat ratio much closer to the accepted standards of todays gentlemen. Unfortunately sex sells, thus the butt version vastly outsold the robot version.

Restaurant Diary
Entry 2: The Scum Also Rises
- We are almost done with graduation parties. While I am very happy for all of the grads and appreciate the business, the mom's enter panic mode. Catering has devolved to trench warfare.
- Zoey began her social media tirade. We begin with free shake of the day campaign. Day one, peanut butter, day two Nutella, ad infinitum.
- The lucky cat is barely moving his paw.
- Going away party for TCAT planned for the 8th. Everyone on neo-geo.com is invited.
- Pool Party is planned for the 13th of July. Every on neo-geo.com is invited.
- As usual, Dood in the Woods is planned for Labor Day. Everyone on neo-geo.com is invited.


Belnar Institute Student
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Sep 26, 2003
Speaking of furries

I offer the furry found in my recent local boxed genesis buy.
Things are forever going to be slightly more awkward between the seller and I, maybe in a good way, still too early to tell...
I offer it since it falls in the tools category and it can work as floss.. ear tickler.. or possible sophisticated drink stir? (my first thought), the possibilities are endless..
I'm open to counter offer, as always..