if you want to talk Neo


Known Scammer, NeoGeoFreak Co-Founder
Aug 24, 2000
You know, "Dion," was invited here by a Neo fan that wanted to clear up some air. Not to fight.

At first, even Shawn asked me to come and post, but I told him it wouldn't be worth it and that it would be like this. And sure enough.


With the number of stupid posts from "certain members" and attacks, I figure - screw it. It's not worth the time anymore.

You guys seem to prove more and more that you are not Neo fans and that you don't really care about the NeoGeo, and you don't really want to talk about the NeoGeo.

You are more into the soap opera/drama of the big collectors and "NGF."

Well, have fun talking to one another.

I would have loved to keep talking about the NeoGeo (as you see I have been). I have a lot of knowledge and information to share, but as I have said before:
"the jealous crybabies have ruined the NeoGeo for all us True fans."

To all others, feel free to contact NGF or myself for any NeoGeo items. We will try to help in any way we can. We can provide system mods, Super NGF mods, and conversions. As well as provide art for unreleased cartridges.

Dion Dakis


Aug 14, 2000
Bwahahahahaha I seriously doubt you'll stay gone. You love the turmoil too much. Besides, you've got too much free time...
Whaddya gonna do, go back to DL's and try to think up more "nutz" names?

You came here to do PR and try to repair your tattered public image, but the people who actually CARE about the rest of the Neo community won't have it. Thus, yes, we do harangue you, becuase you've proven yourself time and time again to be a theif, a liar, and a scam artist.

I mean c'mon, you lied about your HIT COUNT! (Shawn the moderator can confirm this 100%)

If you'll lie about something as paltry as that, you'll lie about anything, and lie twice as much if there's money involved.