Nanao MS9 cap listing and location


Conan The Librarian,
May 29, 2003
So I just finished recapping my Nanao MS9 chassis. This is the chassis with the PCB-MAIN 0500675C2. It is the one with the 15khz and 24khz jumper on it. I have removed every cap myself and note them down. This came from a working chassis, so I know all the caps are correct. The listings online don't have every cap listed because they all seem to not list the remote board cap and which cap is the bi-polar one.

C102 1uf 50v
C107 22uf 50v
C201 47uf 16v
C202 47uf 16v
C203 47uf 16v
C211 2.2uf 50v
C212 2.2uf 50v
C213 2.2uf 50v
C220 470uf 16v
C221 100uf 16v
C222 22uf 50v
C280 10uf 16v (remote board)
C332 10uf 250v (neck board)
C402 470uf 16v
C406 1000uf 35v
C407 100uf 35v
C408 100uf 35v
C409 100uf 35v
C411 2.2uf 50v (bi polar cap)
C451 22uf 50v
C455 10uf 50v
C456 10uf 50v
C457 10uf 50v
C458 22uf 50v
C459 22uf 50v
C503 100uf 35v
C513 10uf 250v
C515 100uf 160v
C554 1uf 50v
C556 1uf 50v
C561 47uf 16v
C562 100uf 10v
C951 180uf 100v
C952 220uf 100v
C953 47uf 160v
C954 680uf 35v
C955 180uf 25v
C956 680uf 10v
C957 10uf 35v
C958 47uf 16v


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Jun 1, 2009
Anyone able to put that in the wiki over on AO? This list needs to be immortalized.


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May 7, 2012
Hi guys. Exhuming this thread for some advice :-)

I've got a Sega New Astro City with Nanao MS9 monitor, and monitor control board (located near joystick panel) 05A00675C1 (see photo). All works fine except for occasional brightness shifting between dark and normal brightness. Something on the little control board, I think, as it flickers when I tap it, and resolves when you thump the joystick panel, but I can't find any obvious dry solder joints. I removed then sprayed the board and components thoroughly with contact cleaner and it has improved, but still occasionally happens. I'm guessing replacing the brightness potentiometer might help? Is there anyone you can send these boards to for repair nowadays, or buy a replacement board? Where can you buy the components from?

This problem has been bugging me for a few years, and having recently got back into JAMMA games with some multiboards for Taito F3, CPS3 and CPS2 etc, I want to try to fix it properly now :-)

Many thanks for any advice, guys!

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