Please, tell me that none of you are going to see...


neo retired
Sep 27, 2002
jro said:
I hate all members of the Blue Collar Comedy Tour with a passion, and none moreso than Larry the Cable Guy.

You can imagine my disappointment upon hearing that the first three people who mentioned that shit movie in my office all are looking very forward (seriously) to seeing it.

I tried to explain that LtCG is a sad reflection on society and the epitome of catering to the lowest common denominator, but no such luck.

Seriously, how can people be afflicted with such horrible taste?

lol, and UFC is high brow entertainment?

Funk Buddy

B. Jenet's Firstmate
Jun 15, 2003
jro said:
Exactly. I told all three of these fine ladies (yes, women, which somehow made it even more depressing) that I understand that LtCG had created a nearly-retarded persona that he knows is accessible to huge portions of the American public, and that I also know that if he wanted to, he could be a wry/clever comedian, rather than a dumb redneck one.

Now a woman that can appreciate a fart joke is a keeper in my book... but maybe that's another reason I'm single.:loco: