Samurai Showdown 64 stages

Big Bruno

20 Year Member
Aug 18, 2000

I have been playing this game for a bit now and have found (I think) most of the differnt stage screens, either through bustin my opponits through the floor, out a window or off a ship. The most I have ever found on a screen is 3 here is what I found so far.

Haohmaru (2) in courtyard and through gate to cliff

Nakoruru (1) in field

Galford (3) on ship, on dock and in town

Shiki (2) through floor and main building

Hanma Yagyu (3) in clock, top of clock and through floor

Sogetsu Kazama (1) on bridge

Hanzo Hattori (3) 3 sets of floors.

Rimururu (1) in field

Ukyo Tachibana (1) in courtyard and prehaps through gate to a cliff like haoh

Kazuki Kazama (1) on bridge

Genjuro Kibagami(2) in dojo and outside in courtyard.

Koroko (0) have not played yet

and of course 1 for each of the 3 bosses fighting areas.

So what am I missing and how can I get to them. is there another in naks a rim stage and does koroko have a stage also.



Cheng's Errand Boy
Aug 24, 2000
is there more to the bridge??????? I have not seen any more too it. I think there my be more staghes but not sure