Sharp SF1: no picture


Oct 30, 2013

So I recently picked up this TV that was claimed "untested" (aka doesn't work). The TV portion of it works fine, but the game section displays nothing. When hooked up to the multi-out port on the back of the TV and fed back into video outputs, there is sound (kinda spotty, the connection with the audio jack is iffy) and a scrolling picture leading me to think that it might be a sync issue. Here's a quick video of the issue in action:

There are 4 pots on the inside that were coated in filth, but have since been cleaned off. I think maybe adjusting them a bit might bring back the video at least via the multi-out connection.


My only question is why would the game channel show nothing and play no sound if that data is getting to the multi-out connection on the same board? Anybody happen to have experience with one of these?