The NEC PC-FX; an eight part video series that will probably fail


Apr 12, 2003
I don’t know what to say. If you don’t like the best beat-em-up ever then..I guess I hope you enjoy a lesser one more? I don’t think you will though.

Why did you attribute that first quote to me when @awbacon said it? I was so confused. That's something I wouldn't say.


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May 4, 2004

Zenki is proof enough the PC-FX hardware was great for 2D and the console is worth owning if just to play this game
Surprised you didn't mention all the moves in Zenki, I remember there being quite a few.


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Sep 18, 2003
Didn't even burn that. Way too creepy for my taste.

…why do you have an FX if games like Pia are too creepy?

I’m suddenly realizing that maybe my earliest impressions of this system were the hype articles in PC Engine Fan showing all the great panty shots and unblurred nipples the system would soon give us access too. I was grossed out before I had even played the thing, then when then action games simply never came it wasn’t able to claw its way out of the H hole it was born in, to my eyes.

BTW, in truth, Pia is one of the better FX games. If you’re buying a digital comic machine, buy it to play digital comics. Or board games (Red Headed Chacha) or pervert RPGs (Dragon Knight), the stuff it was good at. Don’t buy it to play the one C+ shooter that exists on it that costs as much as five good PC Engine shooters and it’s as good as most of them. Stress the positives, not the negatives.

Hattori Hanzo

Sep 14, 2018
Go play Pia on an emulator creep. :lolz:
You do realize that you can burn those heavy hitters and just play them. I have like 5 original games and the console was worth it for me just for Zenki FX alone.


Apr 12, 2003
To be honest I was editing my quote on a phone and couldn’t figure out how to defeat the helpful auto formatting.

It's all good, but my thing with Guardian Heroes is that I prefer my beat'em ups to be straight up. What makes them special to me are unique enemies, good settings/environments, and character design. Gameplay can be straight forward but the I don't like the moves to be any more complicated than let's say Final Fight/Streets of Rage.

I think the only game to ever pull off the RPG + beat'em up angle was River City Ransom. I have yet to play any of the sequels.

Roker's picks for best of all time (in no order):

Streets of Rage 1&2
Final Fight
River City Ransom
Double Dragon Advance
TMNT games
Dynamite Cop!

Among others I probably forgot in this moment.

I haven't revisited stuff like Crime Fighters 1&2, Shadow Force, or Battletoads (arcade) in years, but I remember them being good. I'm sure I can emulate them but fuck that noise.
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Oct 12, 2000
There was something definitely missing with the PC-FX. The TG-16/PC-Engine will always remain one of my favorite game systems of all time. I remember winning one over the radio a month before they were officially released in the States. Even though the system didn't last as long in the states, its popularity overseas couldn't be denied and that just drew me into wanting to know more about the system in general. I jumped on the CD attachment when went on sale, even purchased the infamous "barney converter" when I learned about how you could play Japanese imports on it. Nothing but wonderful memories.

I never had any of t he actual PC-FX hardware, but I did get a chance to try out some of the games. With the exception of two titles, I just thought the overall experience wasn't as special or exciting. Probably because I became more obsessed with actual arcade game play (especially fighters) and having near perfect home translations. The PC-FX didn't have a lot of arcade titles from what I could remember, and even to this day I don't understand enough Japanese to play some of the imported titles and know what's actually happening.


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Jul 9, 2001
I’m not a big rpg fan but I watched your video this morning and I like what they did with the combat system it looks like a fun game


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Oct 22, 2000
Der Langrisser if you can manage the lack of translation. It's the best version of Langrisser


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Jan 28, 2009
Summary of the video:
'To me this game is a real piece of shit, but I actually really like it, so play it in your free time'.
Lol no. The takeaway is "this game LOOKS like a real piece of shit, but it's fun to play"

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