WTB Light Modded Neo Geo Pocket Color


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Oct 27, 2012
Okay guys, I know I'm still new here on this board, however, I have been around at PCEFX.com, I have good feedback at Digital Press, am well known over at Jaguar Sector II, and also have 100% feedback on evilbay as jaggyjaguar76. I'd really like to get back into the Neo Geo pocket again, and due to my unique eye condition, having a stock system just ain't gonna' cut it. I don't necessarily car5e what color the system is as long as the screen is clean. It doesn't have to be boxed or in collector's condition because I intend to play it. Oh, and I have also had solid transactions with cdamm and also TurboCro (Bruno) over here. Just let me know and let's work something out. One game with the system might be nice too so I can test it. :dragf: