copterdoctor67 in the middle east

copterdoctor67 | member # 1468

"The reason I put the logo on my acft is to distinct it from all the others and to show my Love for the Neo."

Corporal David A. Granados of the U.S. military is Crewchief of the Blackhawk you see pictured and is currently stationed in the Middle East. David is also a member of our neo community and he flies with pride while proudly displaying the NeoGeo logo!

See Dave's aircraft tagged with the NeoGeo insignia              .

UH-60A Blackhawk fitted with a medevac package, made by Sirkorsky.

"I am in a medevac unit here and we fly injured troops off the battle ground with a medic onboard that can treat the patient on route to the medical facility."
Dave on left,
crewmember Chris on right


May the power of the neo bring you strength and courage.

Ok, this is seriously hardcore, even more so than the NeoGeo birthday cake back in January. What fan made feat could possibly contend with having a neo tagged helicopter?!  Hint: Perhaps a permanent NeoGeo tattoo. Share your unique neo related photos w/ story.