By Genki-Akuma


Title: King of Fighters EX: Neo Blood
By: SNK (Artoon)
Year: 2001
System: GameBoy Advance
Other Versions? none


Review of King Of Fighters EX: Neo Blood

System: GameBoy Advance

Gameplay: 4/6

Graphics: 4/6

Sound: 2/6

Control: 6/6

Overall: 4/6


 I just got the import game here and I have to say, what a horrible game.

The only thing any good is the controls, as they have kept them as the same.  The game is basically like King Of Fighters 99, except it has one new character, a girl named Moe (WHAT THE HECK IS A NAME LIKE THAT???) and the strikers are already preset (meaning the cool characters are already chosen as strikers... sniff... there goes my fav guy Joe). The sound was so horrible, I had to turn down the volume all the way so I didn't have my ears blow out.  The graphics could have been MUCH better if they made it more like a pocket fighter game (A La Neo Geo Pocket) and probably would have looked much better.

The gameplay could have been improved, considering the fact that the strikers are already preset, and there is almost no actual replay value unless you just want to see the endings.

 The story is basically set on a special KOF sponsored by an unknown person.  Of course that person happens to be none other than (SPOILER ALERT) Geese!  And GOD is he one of the easiest guys around.  This new girl is now with Kyo, Benimaru, and Shingo...K and Maxima are gone...along with Whip and a lot of others...The story is sub par so I won't go into any details, plus its in Japanese so I can't really translate it all.

For now, this is not a game I would recommend to anyone, go get a NGPC and get the KOF games for that, its low resolution and low color, but it beats this game 10 - to - 1.

Here are some pics that you can enjoy.... Heh...


This is the title, looks good right?


If you think it looks just like KOF99 is because it basically is...just more crappier looking....


Here be the new character Moe, facing Choi, if you get this game, never pick her as she has the suckiest moves yet!

Aaah...Benimaru makes it all better!

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