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Welcome!  Reviews are being accepted for all Neo-Geo games and all SNK games (i.e. SNK games made for other systems) in all languages.  Full credit will be given to the author, as well as the honor and glory of having your work read by the Neo Community at large.  Feel free to submit your reviews (by Private Message only) and, upon editorial approval, a page will be created for it here in the reviews section.  Please send your final draft, revisions may be required for publication. Text-only reviews are acceptable.  If you send pictures with the review, they will be used on your page. Even if a game already has a review, a qualified review will be added.  The more quality reviews, the better. 


Update [02/21/04]: MAJOR, quiet update commenced, this will take a while for both reviews and pictures

Special Feature: The Internet Fraud FAQ

by GamersAbyss


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