Written by BonusKun

1-1 Debug Menu Default (note 1)
1-2 Screen Scroll Debug (not sure how it works)
1-3 Kakuto Char No. Disp (not sure how it works)
1-4 Kakuto Trigger Free (rapid fire)
1-5 Kakuto Sound Test (not sure how it works)
1-6 Obj. Status Debug (not sure how it works)
1-7 Unknown
1-8 Task Lsp. Weight Chk
2-1 for CPU Algo Debug (character data displayed on screen)
2-2 Char Select mode (hold ABCD, then hit down to scroll) (note 2)
2-3 Center and Size Display (little ring appears to mark player position)
2-4 Hit Area Display
2-5 Ougi (pow) Max (unlimited pow)
2-6 No Limit Battle (on time/health limits)
2-7 Pal Sim (Europe only)
2-8 Stop Motion (hit select to pause, start to unpause)

Note 1 - select this and then reset the machine to enter to complete debug menu from the start screen. When the game restarts, you'll be able to select the select a lot more debug options through a special debug screen.

Note 2 - changing characters in mid-match also restores your health to 100%

Afterthoughts: This entire set is the handiwork of <EvilWasabi>. Looking it over I have to admit I'm impressed and am happy he put so much time into it. I don't personally have this cart yet but was planning on getting the sequel Breakers Revenge on MVS. I'm guessing of course the codes will probably overall be the same.

Thanks for the submission & Good work. :)


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