Written by BonusKun

Fatal Fury Special Dip Codes

1-1 Annoying shadow across screen*aka Pal Mode*
1-2 Both players are invincible
1-3 Unlimited time, Ryo Sakazaki Selectable
1-4 Unlocks Ryo Sakazaki
1-5 Allows you to view selected character's endings
1-6 Allows you to goto Dream Match vs Ryo Sakazaki
1-7 Message screen, Use controller one to adjust.
1-8 Sprite viewer, Press 'Select' on P1, Use P2 to view
2-1 Displays hit detection boxes
2-2 Displays distance grid boxes
2-3 Unknown
2-4 Unknown
2-5 Press A,B,C,& D at the same to to drop CPU's lifebar to near death
2-6 Sprite location information
2-7 Unknown
2-8 Stage selection screen

Notes: To View all the character's endings, Turn on Dips 1-4 & 1-5.
To have Ryo Sakazaki selectable you must turn on Dip 1-3 BEFORE you get to the character selection screen or the dip will not work.

Afterthoughts: Wow! I'm going on a classic binge it seems. This set of codes turned out some really weird stuff*Dip 2-5 for example*and it took me a bit longer than normal seeing as some of the dips were a bit picky in their execution. Overall though I can say this set came out nice. Getting Ryo Sakazaki without a code is a MAJOR plus and seeing as he's a Boss which means his power is WAY above the norm. *I.E. His Tiger Flame Punch is very fast* I've been up all night off and on with this game and I still think Jubei Yamada rules but that's just me. :) Thanks again for your support and if you have any questions, comments, or inquires, feel free to drop me a line....


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